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Hello everybody,
this is a new story about our Goldene Zeiten hero John Striker (please excuse my not perfect english)

Maybe you enjoy it and THIS IS ONLY A STORY!

“Wow!” John said to himself “what a great ship”. He was standing in front of the new luxusliner “King”. “Holiday is coming”, he thought. As a special-agent he works so hard the last years and John, now a great looking man in the 60s, who looks like 40+, with full black hair, blue eyes and a very charming smile, will go on board this big super-ships. Today he wears a designer-wardrobe, his black pilot-sunglasses and in his hand he hold a big cuban cigar. The sun was shining, the weather was hot.

“Not only the weather is hot”, John thought in the evening as he saw a woman on deck. “Excuse me madam, can I sit down?” he asked that girl. “Oh, yes, please” she answered and John was sitting on a chair next to her. “Your first cruise?” he asked. The woman don’t answered. “Oh, sorry”, John means “my name is John, only John.” The girl was looking at him. “Hi, I am Rosanna.” “Nice to meet you, Rosanna”, John smiled. “Would you like to have dinner with me?” Rosanna gives him a nod. Then they were going to the dining room. It was a five-course meal and the best John ever has eaten.

Early in the next morning John was awake from a voice of a woman behind the door. “John, John are you awake?” John was tired, the night before was full of fun and dance. “Rosanna? It’s you?” “John, please open the door!” John did. “Rosanna, what happened?” “John, I can’t believe it, my bracelet is stolen!” His eyes opened wide. “Sure?” he asked. “Yes, John, yesterday the bracelet was in my cabin on the table and now it is not there.” John looks to the sky “Not again” he thought, “I need holiday!”

During that breakfast he heard from another woman, that she missed her ring. “We have a thief on board” Rosanna said. “Yes, it looks like. Take care of your jewels” he said to Rosanna. Then the day was restful and without trouble, only Rosanna don’t want to go to a landtrip because she felt a bit sick.

In den evening Steven M. has drunken too much. He was sitting in the bar and he saw a girl. "Hello Mister", she whispered. "You are looking so great. What you are doing this late evening?" she asked. Yes, Steven was drunken but this offer was too good. "I haven't any plans", he said and then he was going with that very exciting girl.

Breakfasttime next morning. It was very loud at the table, many peoples are talked in confusion. The captain was there. "I am sorry", he said. "We found a stolen jewel in the room of one of our guests. It looks like, that we have catch the thief. The man will go from board in the next harbour, the police is informed." General relief was on board. "We found only one bracelet, but we will find more stolen jewels, I promise" the captain said.

Rosanna saw at John. "Oh, John, I am so happy that my bracelet is found." "Yes", he said "One cleaning lady has found it in the room of this man". "John, now I am not afraid to wear my bracelet, will you be my guardian man?" John smiles "Ever again" he said to her and kissed.

The next days were great. Many landtrips. "Please John, not today, I have a headache" Rosanna said. "Oh my dear, I will stay here." "No", she said "please go to the trip, the thief is not on board, I am very safe here." John was smiling. "Ok darling I will come back very early" he said.

Later on the other side of the ship a person was in a cabin. "It's too great, so many jewels I got, now I am rich" the person whispered.

John came very early back like he promised. It was a low wind evening and after dinner Rosanna was going with John in his cabin. "Rosanna, you are a very attractive woman" he said. "Your eyes are so blue like a deep see and your hair" his hand touched her very long hair. Then they kissed. "Please wait" he said. "I will go to the bathroom, only one minute." The door was shut.

"21, 22, 23" John counted and then he opened very fast the door of the bathroom. "I known it!" he said. Rosanna was unable to move. In her hand she hold the cuff link with diamonds from Johns designer wardrobe. She wanted to flight but John hold her down. She boxed and kicked at him, but John is very strong. Not, that he really fight with a girl, no, no, "YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE" he told her. "Now we will go to the captain" John said.

And then she saw the other man behind the captain. "Yes Rosanna, this was not the thief, he wasn't going from board, we only told you that" John said. Mister Steve M. has given us a very detailed description of you. Our luck that you want to spend the evening with him and put your bracelat in his room. The captain informed me that on his last cruise many jewels was stolen and the thief was not catched. Now we know who that thief is, YOU! Steven M. from the police is a good friend of mine, I happened to meet him. I am not sure if you known it, my name is John, yes John Striker, YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE."

Rosanna was going at the next harbour from board direct to the police.

The End

copyright by Petra

THANK YOU for reading

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Hallo Petra!

Das war Sehr Gut! Bitte Schreibe Noch Eins!

Machs Gut!
Anne :)