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Another short story then ;)
If the English is bad: Sorry :oops:

The Kidnapping of Col. Decker

In this episode The A-team gets a mission to get their enemy Col Decker back.
Decker has been kidnapped by 4 masked men.

The team is not sure to accept the mission, because they are wanted by the militairy police and can have 20 years in jail. After good discuss and talk they deside to accept the mission and visit Captain Crane.
Crane was with Decker when he got kidnapped, he could not do something because the kidnapper putted a gun to Crane his head. If Crane should contact the police or army to look for them they should kill Decker.

Crane desides to hire The A-Team for this job.
When The A-Team arrives in the militairy base.
Smith, I want you to find the colonel and teach those guys a lesson.
I got a suggestion for you: We donít arrest you but in three dayís we will hunt you again.
Sounds good Crane but do you know where Decker could be or did you recognized one of the kidnappers?
No, but what I know is, that Decker had trouble with a guy named Tommy.
Tommy is also in the army.
Then we will start searching to Decker Hannibal said.
Do we have to do this Hannibal? Face asks.
This will be searching for a speld in a hay mount.
BA interrupt Face.
Look Face, we saved a lot of people and this time we will save Decker, even if we are wanted by him. Crane hired us to get him back alive and we will do it. We discussed about the job and all agreed to do it. BA rolls up his streeves. If you have comment just say it.
Face went to The Van.
Colonel where are we going to search first? Murdock asks.
I think it is the best way to search for hide places from that suckers in the air.
That means fly with a helicopter.
Hannibal, Murdock and BA went to The Van.
No way Hannibal, I donít fly NEVER.
Is it possible that Face and I drive with The Van in the area and that we meet eachother on a place in a few hours?
Thatís a good idea BA, okay letís do that.
We meet eachother here on 16:00pm Hannibal said.
Back in the militairy base.
BA, Face have you seen something that could be a place to hide?
Yeah men, we saw a base that was camouflaged by trees and small woods.
It is heavy guarded by 4 men with machine guns, their is also a alarm in the neighbourhood at approximately 50 meters.
Okay, Murdock and I saw the base from the air.
It is a small base but heavy guarded, we saw 8 men and 4 were armed with machine guns.
You canít come in that base easy. We have also seen a old farm at a lake and toke a look in the farm. We saw nothing important there.
BA went mad to Hannibal.
You two are always on the Jazz, just quit that.
It is dangerous to go to unknown places alone.
Hannibal looked to Murdock.
We were curious right Murdock?
Well it was your idea to take a look Murdock said.
Face went to the team.
Just stop the fight and donít do it again Hannibal.
We are stronger with four instead of two.
Well we need a plan Hannibal said.
Whatís the plan Colonel? Murdock asks.
This is the plan guys:
Face you take the guard on the left and be sure that he canít call for help.
The guard will raise the alarm if you donít watch out, so be carefull.
Then you go into the base as a soldier and scout the base.
If you fail step out of the base and BA will cover you, we keep contact by walkietalkie.
Murdock you take the guard on the right and for you counts, scout the base as a soldier and if you fail get out of the base. Watch out for the alarm.
Roger that colonel Murdock said.
Good plan Hannibal Face said.
Always go to the front door, Iím sick and tired of going to the front door BA said.
I will have a look around the base to find another entrance.
And if you find Decker, try to contact eachother.
Okay letís go!
Face and Murdock can eliminate the guards and go into the base as soldiers.
I donít like this plan BA said.
This mission is too dangerous and I donít trust that Crane.
BA tryed to find Hannibal, but he could not find him.
Hannibal went around the base if he heard some footsteps behind him.
If the footsteps stop a guard hits hannibal on his head and Hannibal felt on the ground.
When Hannibal awakes he has been tied up on the ground, Hannibal found Decker.
Damn my head hurts, where am I ?
You are cought by Tommy Decker said.
Donít you have to run away for me, because you are wanted by me?
Not really Hannibal said, we are hired by Crane to eliminate those suckers and get you back to the militairy base. This will not be easy Iím afraid.
Hannibal looked around and felt in his jack, and found his walkietalkie.
Lucky me, I still have the walkietalkie.
Hannibal made contact with BA,Face and Murdock that he found Decker and they are in trouble.
BA,Face, Murdock do you hear me?
Yes we hear you Hannibal
During exploring from the base, I have been hit by a guard and locked up in a building,
I found Decker. We are in a chamber near the entrance. Can you guys free us?
Roger that Murdock said.
When BA, Face and Murdock arrive in The Van.
How can Hannibal be locked up? I donít understand, all the guards were gone around the base. How can that be? Face asks.
I donít trust that Crane. There must be another sucker that wants to meet my fists.

BA take it easy before they hear us Murdock said.
Shut up fool! Letís free Decker and Hannibal and get out of here.
Get Decker back to the base and leave.
BA had a plan.
Okay I got a plan.
We start on the same way and get into the base as soldiers but be carefull now, we are outnumbered. Murdock I want you to cut through the fence on the left. When done the job, you sneak into the base and free Hannibal and Decker. You can open the door with the burglar set. We keep contact by walkietalkie. If you are outside, I will cover you and weíll go to the militairy base.
I will get some stuff out of the Van Face said.
Face gave the AK-47 and 2 granates to BA.
Face gave the wire-shears and Burglar set to Murdock.
When Face walks into the base and can eliminate two guards, another guard came out of the corner.
HEY YOU!! What are you doing?
Face runned out of the base. He tryed to warn BA but too late, a guard raised the alarm allready.
Why you had to do that fool, we can forget it now BA said mad.
5 guards with uziís came out of their barracks and opened the fire on Face & BA.
Letís get out of here!! BA said.
Face and BA could hide in a drain for a few minutes. Murdock had already cut the fence and walked into the base. While BA and Face keep on running, Murdock went to the door and tried to free Hannibal and Decker. Murdock easy opened the door with the burglarset and Hannibal & Decker escaped.
Come on to The Van, before they will return Murdock said.
If BA & Face contact Murdock, their are 10 guards behind them armed with uziís.
We need some help fool! We canít keep on running like that said BA.
Donít worry BA, Hannibal and Decker are save with me.
Give me the walkietalkie Murdock Hannibal said.
You canít drive with one hand.
Arrived in the farm.
BA we are allright, just come to that old farm we saw with the scout.
We will build something to suprise them.
Okay Hannibal, we are there in ten minutes BA said.
Hannibal went to Decker and Murdock.
We donít have much time, so letís go.
In the meantime, Hannibal and Decker build a flamethrower, Murdock is checking and reloading the guns. When ready they take positions. Ready to suprise them.
If BA and Face arrive by the farm they hide in a house, the 10 men stand still.
Surrender Peck and Baracus, there is no way out now and we still have Smith and Decker.
You think so? Hannibal said with the flamethrower in his hands.
Hannibal and Murdock came out of the farm.
Surrender or we all have a nice barbecue today.
How did you escaped ?, I hit you with my gun.
Thatís impossible.
Never say that everything is impossible idiot, I have friends who free me Hannibal said.
And I even donít like small rooms especially not yours.

Decker came out of the farm.
We finally meet eachother again right Tommy?
Surrender, you canít win this. You will lose your job now for kidnapping me.
BA and Face toke another exit and could stand behind the 10 guards.
Hey guys we are here Face said.
Two guards looked behind them and seen Face and BA. The guards tried to open fire but too late. BA and Face eliminated them both. Hannibal used his flamethrower to let the cars from the enemy burn. Decker, BA and Face eliminated the other guards.
Last time I ask Tommy, drop your weapon and surrender.
Or else we all gonna like a barbacue party.
The guards of Tommy dropped their weapons.
You to Tommy now!! Hannibal said.
Do you really think Iam stupid to surrender? Tommy said.
Hannibal went to Tommy with his flamethrower.
If you are that stupid I have no choice to barbecue you.
No donít do that I surrender.
Thatís the way I like it Hannibal said with a smile.
Guess you are not stupid enough.
The guards get tied up in a truck and the team drives back to the militairy base.
In the militairy base.
Thank god you are alive colonel Crane said.
What did you think? I got killed?
Smith, thanks a lot for returning the colonel to the militairy base Crane said.
Your welcome Crane, it is our job to save people.
I loved this job Hannibal said with a smile.
Well Smith, you are here now.
Let the twenty years jail start now.
Decker beats Hannibal in the handcuffs.
I thought we had a deal Crane? Hannibal said.
You made a deal with them Crane? Decker asks.
Yes indeed, we donít arrest them now, but in three dayís.
Before Decker had the chance close the handcuffs, Hannibal gave Decker a hard fist in the face. Decker fell unconsciously on the ground.
Sorry, Decker I always wanted to do that Hannibal said laughing. I'll see you soon, Crane! Enjoy your colonel, he'll kill you for releasing us.
Hee hee hee BA laughed.
The team laughed, went to the van and they drove away.
I love it when a plan comes together!!!

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Hi Flykie! :D

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