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08-18-2007, 09:10 AM
Hi everybody,
here is a new story about the Goldene Zeiten Hero John Striker.
(Please sorry, if the english is not so perfect, thanks)

Maybe you enjoy the story :D

John Striker was sitting on the veranda of his beautiful house with a glass of whiskey and a big cuban cigar. The phone rang: “Oh no, not again” he said to himself.

On the other line was a man, middle age “Is there John Striker speaking”? he asked. “Well, who want to know this?” “My name is Becker, Ken Becker, I am the leader of a cheerleader group.” John’s interest was there in a second. “Yes, here is John Striker speaking, what can I do for you?” “Well, it is Holiday time and we make tent camp near the forest. Last evening we saw 3 man near our camp. Mr. Striker, could I meet you. I would like to talk to you more but not on the phone.” “Yes, ok, do you know the Boogie Pub in the 14th Street? “Yes”. “Tomorrow 1 pm?” John asked. “Yes, thank you Mr. Striker.”

The next day John and Mr. Becker where in the Pub. “Mr. Striker, we are 2 group leader for the cheerleader girls. In our group we have 30 cheerleader girls. For about 3 days there where 3 young man in our camp and they blackmail us. We should pay protection money. Do you understand, that we be scared of?” Yes, of course. Well, now you have a group leader more in your camp!” John said with a little smile. “Oh Mr. Striker, that would be really great!”.

And now John was the next day on the camp. “30 girls” he thought, “to another time that would be a paradise”.

The group leader told to the girls that John is a new leader and any of the young girls where very happy about it. “He looks so handsome” one girl whispered to another. John got a tent too and he felt like a young boy.

Very early in the next morning John was making his morning gymnastic, he loves skipping, if he saw one of the girls and she was looking at him. “Good morning John. I am worry about Cynthia. If I woke up she was not in the tent. We have the same tent and she was not there”. “Are you sure?” “Yes John, really she was not in the tent tonight” said the girl. A little talk to the other leaders and girls shows that Cynthia was really not in the camp. “We must search” he said and then they start. One leader stay back in the camp.

“Hello Mr. Becker, have a good day. Do you take care of all your nice girls? It is very dangerous so alone in a camp near a forest.” It where the 3 young man from the night before. “If you would pay a little money you can be sure, that we protect you and the girls. All would be well” he said. “Your girls would be safe like in a police-office”.

In this moment John came out of the forest. He did not find Cynthia to this time. He saw the 3 man and understand the situation immediately. Then it goes all fast. John was a very good fighter and with a great wallop and a lot of luck he kicked and knocked like a Hero. 2 of the 3 racketeer to take flight. The 3rd man had no chance. “So you bastard, NOW you will tell me where the young girl is!” John cries.

“It was the idea of Mick” the man said, “he said, when we kidnapped a girl it would be easier to get money, then it shows how dangerous the wildness could be.” John was very angry. “Where is Cynthia?” he asked very quiet. The other man said nothing and John gave him a knock with the fist in the face. “Tell me, where is the girl!” The other man feels that he had no chance and said to John, where Cynthia was. John took his gun and was running in the forest. Before he bind the gangster. “You can’t go alone” Mr. Becker said.

But John goes alone. He took his gun over his shoulder and this was a special mission for him. It was easy to find the little lodge where Cynthia was. The other bad guys where sitting around a campfire. John was sneaking behind them. And yes, he is the best fighter ever, boxed one man down, the other try to flight: "YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE” John called. He took a shut to the sky and the other man was so afraid that he was standing still in a second. This 2 man was binding too, back to back, they had no chance to run of.

“Cynthia, don’t worry” John shout. “Go back from the door”. With a exact shut of the lock the door was open. “Oh John, how can I thank you” she cries and took her arms around him. “So wonderful to see you“. “It’s ok girl, it’s ok” he said.

Later the 3 man where arrest and John had a great time on the camp.

“30 young girls, what a paradise” he said to himself.

The End

copyright by Petra

08-18-2007, 10:25 AM
Hallo Petra!

Please write another ASAP.
I'm thinking of writing a story myself. Not sure of the topic. I've got A-Team, Battlestar Galactica, John Striker, etc. Hard decision! :wink: :lol:

Machs Gut!
Anne :)

08-18-2007, 01:22 PM
Hi Anne,
thanks very much, please tell me what is ASAP? I think you means another JS Story but please tell me what ASAP is. Tomorrow it will be my last holiday day, next week I must go to work but I will try to write more of the hero John Striker!!!! :D



08-20-2007, 10:42 AM
Hi Petra! :D

ASAP means as soon as possible. Keep on writing! That story was WONDERFUL!

Machs Gut!
Anne :)