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08-15-2007, 03:53 AM
Hello everybody :D

I am Miranda (Georgedirkfan) and I am new here.
I want say much on this forum, but for now I have something
I wanne share with you :wink:

This is a story I wrote about The A-team...
Hope you like it :P (I hope its not too long and my English is good enough) :oops:

,,Come on, guys,’’ Hannibal says, when he walkes into the room. B.A. and Murdock are wathing surprising at Hannibal. ,,Why are we leaving?’’ Murdock asks. Hannibal chuckles. ,,Face, didn’t you told them?’’ he asks. Face chuckles too. ,,No, I’m sorry,’’ he answers. Hannibal tells his team what they are going to do. He had a little job, which he would like to do, for a friend. ,,It’s very easy, we just get those boxes fruit to my friend, Christian,’’ Hannibal explains. ,,So it’s an easy job?’’ B.A. asks. Hannibal nods. ,,But why do we have to do that?’’ Murdock asks curious. ,,His girlfriend, Ella should do it, but somewhere around here, are a couple of guys, who also sell fruit.’’ ,,They stop her, everytime she brings the fruit.’’ ,,So we are going to bring that fruit to Christian, and tell those guys to get the hell out of here.’’ Hannibal explains.

The team loads the boxes into the van. ,,I hope your van doesn’t crack trough his axles,’’ Murdock laughs. B.A. stands in front of him. ,,Shut up, fool, my van can handle that stupid fruit,’’ he grumbles. ,,Allright, is every box in the van, now?’’ Face asks. Hannibal nods. The team arrives pretty easy at Christians place. ,,John, thank you very much, did you had any trouble with those guys?’’ Christian asks. Hannibal shakes his head. ,,No, nobody stopped us,’’ he says.

The team goes with the van back to a log cabin, a couple of miles down the road. On the way back, Hannibal is worried. ,,It went too easy,’’ he says. Face nods. ,,Yes, I think so, too,’’ he says. The team decides to look around for a while. ,,B.A. you can drive to the log cabin, nobody is here,’’ Hannibal says, after a while. If B.A. drives back, the team notice a roadblock. ,,There they are.’’ Hannibal laughs. B.A. sighs. ,,He is on the jazz, agian,’’ he says.

,,So you are the other guy, who sells fruit?’’ Hannibal asks friendly. A man, standing in front of him, gets his gun out of his pocket. ,,Yes, I’m Bill, also known as the Killer, because I kill everybody around me,’’ he says. Hannibal laughs and looks at Face. ,,Face, do you hear that?’’ ,,He kills everybody around him.’’ Face laughs too. ,,I can see that.’’ he says. ,,Yes, you guys laugh, now you still can,’’ Bill chuckles. ,,Now, guys!’’ he says to the men behind him. They start a fight. Hannibal hits the gun out of Bill his hands. After that, he knocks him out.

Face, Murdock and B.A. took care of the other guys. Hannibal laughs. ,,He really thought he could handle us, didn’t he?’’ Murdock shakes his head. ,,Nobody can handle you, if you’re on the jazz.’’ Hannibal doesn’t notice that Bill gets up. Bill grabs the gun. ,,Stay where you are, and hands up,’’ he sneers. Hannibal turns around. The team members put their hands up.

Bill grabs a couple of grenades out his pocket. ,,What a beautiful things, aren’t they?’’ he asks. Face looks at the gun. Suddenly he kicks the gun out of Bill his hand. Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. grabbing the grenades out Bill his other hand. Murdock drops accidentally one on the ground. Bill grabs the grenade before B.A. grabs it. He pulls the pin out of it and drops it on the ground. ,,Run!’’ Hannibal yells.

Followed by Murdock and B.A., Hannibal runs to the van. They hide behind it and lay down on the ground. Hannibal looks around. Meanwhile the grenade explodes. ,,Where is Face?’’ he asks panicky. Murdock and B.A. wathing around them. ,,Hannibal!’’ They hear Face screaming. ,,Face!’’ Hannibal yells, but he doesn’t get a reaction.

If the dust-cloud is gone, they see Bill on the ground. B.A. walkes to Bill. ,,Get up, fool,’’ he says angry. Bill gets up, and starts a fight with B.A. After a couple of hits and kicks, B.A. is the winner. Face his voice, yelling Hannibal, reverberates trough Hannibal his head. Face lies still on the ground. Hannibal runs to him. ,,B.A. come over here!,’’ Hannibal yells. ,,We’ve found Face.’’

Face lies unconscious on the ground. Hannibal wipes with his sleeve some blood from Face his face. ,,His pulse is low,’’ Murdock says worried. ,,Let’s take him to the van.’’Hannibal says. They carry Face to the van and lay him down. Slowly Face regain consciousness.

,,Hannibal…?’’ he asks in a low voice. Hannibal holds on Face his hand. ,,I’m with you, kid,’’ he says. ,,Is it… is it bad?’’ Face asks. Hannibal looks at Murdock and B.A. ,,Face, try to sleep,’’ he says. Face sighs. ,,It hurts so much,’’ he says. Hannibal nods. ,,I know, kid, B.A. would you give me a bandage?’’ he asks. B.A. grabs a bandage and gives it to Hannibal.

Hannibal opens Face his shirt. He puts the bandage on the wound and keeps pressure on it. Face screams. ,,Murdock, would you rip off a piece of my sleeve?’’ Hannibal asks Murdock. Murdock rips off a piece and gives it to Hannibal. Hannibal wipes a bit sweat from Face his head. ,,Easy, kid,’’ he says. Face looks at Hannibal.

Hannibal wipes again sweat from Face his head. ,,Easy, Face, breathe easy,’’ he says calm. Face groans. Murdock sighs. ,,It’s my fault,’’ he says. Hannibal shakes his head. ,,It’s nobody’s fault, Murdock,’’ he says. Murdock sighs again. ,,I dropped that grenade,’’ he says. B.A. nods. ,,Yes, fool, It’s your fault that Face is going to die.’’ Hannibal turns around. ,,Face isn’t going to die and it’s not Murdock his fault!’’ he says angry.

Murdock and B.A. look at each other. ,,I’m sorry,’’ Murdock says. ,,Yes, I’m sorry, too,’’ B.A. says. Hannibal looks at Face. ,,Hannibal, I’m so cold,’’ Face says in a low voice. ,,Do you have any blanket in the van?’’ Hannibal asks. B.A. nods. He grabs a blanket out the van. Hannibal lays it careful over Face.

,,B.A., is the van bad damaged?’’ Hannibal asks. B.A. shakes his head. ,,Good, we can go the a hospital,’’ Hannibal says. At that moment, Bill stands in front of them. ,,You don’t go anywhere,’’ he says and puts his gun on the team members.

,,Okay, what do you want?’’ Hannibal asks a bit worried. Bill laughs. ,,You’ve annoyed me with that fruit, so now I’m going to annoy you,’’ he says. Hannibal looks angry at him. ,,I don’t have time to play games, we’ve got a wounded man here,’’ Bill laughs. ,,Don’t worry, within a hour, he’ll feel nothing anymore.’’

Face looks frightened at Hannibal. ,,Is that…’’ Face intentions to say something, but Bill interrupts him. ,,Shut up!’’ he yells. ,,Bring that idiot to the shed over there.’’ He orders. Hannibal looks at the shed.

B.A. walkes, followed by Hannibal and Murdock, who are carrying Face. Arrived at the shed, they lay Face down on the floor. Hannibal walkes to Bill. ,,What do you wanna do here?’’ he says. Bill doesn’t say a thing. He walks backwards from the shed, still holding the gun at Hannibal. He grabs a cigarette from his pocket and he lights it. ,,Sit down!,’’ he orders. The team members sit down next to Face. Bill grabs a jerrycan with gasoline. ,,I’ve saved this one for you,’’ he says laughing.

He empties the jerrycan around the door from the shed.. After that he throws his cigarette in the gasoline. The whole front of the shed is on fire. Hannibal has to come up with a plan, fast. ,,B.A. and Murdock, leave, go by way of the back from the shed, I’ll see you later.’’ He yells and takes Face on his back.

B.A. and Murdock are doubtful, but they decide to go. They pound through the little wall. They are going to sit near a tree. ,,They are dead…’’ Murdock sighs. B.A. looks at him. ,,Of course not, fool,’’ he says. Meanwhile, Hannibal is still in the shed. ,,Hang on, Face,’’ he says. He takes a running start and pounds through a little window. He runs into the woods, while the shed explodes.

,,Come on, Murdock, we’re going to find Hannibal,’’ B.A. says. Murdock nods. Slowly they walk into the woods. Hannibal walkes on a path. He looks at Murdock and B.A. ,,B.A., Murdock, over here!’’ he yells. Murdock and B.A. are walking fast to Hannibal. On that moment, Hannibal notice Bill walking away. He lays Face down on the ground and runs towards Bill.

Hannibal jumps on Bill. ,,Stay here, idiot,’’ Hannibal yells angry. ,,How do you get here?’’ Bill asks surprisely. ,,I had put the shed on fire.’’ ,,Yes, you did, but you forgot the back,’’ Hannibal answers and hits Bill a couple times. Bill falls unconsiously on the ground.

Hannibal runs back to the others. ,,Hannibal, Face is unconsious,’’ Murdock says. Hannibal nods. ,,We have to get back to the van.’’ B.A. and Hannibal carrying Face to the van, followed by Murdock.

Hannibal lays Face carefully down. ,,B.A., go the a hospital!’’ he says. ,,I can’t,’’ B.A. answers angry. ,,That fool shoot a leak in one of the tires.’’ Murdock looks at the tire. ,,Yes, it’s true,’’ he concludes. ,,Yes, of course it’s true, do you think I’m lying?!’’ B.A. asks indignant. ,,Guys, calm down.’’ Hannibal says. ,,We have to come up with a plan, now.’’

Face slowly opens his eyes. ,,Hannibal, Hannibal…’’ he says panicky. Hannibal holds Face his hand. ,,I’m here, kid, I’m here,’’ he says calmly. Face looks at Hannibal with a painful face. ,,It’s hurts so much, so much…’’ he says in a low voice. ,,You can pinch in my hand, Face, I can’t do anything else for you,’’ Hannibal says. Face nods. Slowly he closes his eyes.

,,Have you figured out a plan yet, Hannibal?’’ Murdock asks careful. Hannibal shakes his head. ,,Not yet, captain,’’ he answers. In the meantime B.A. replaced the flat tire. ,,Hannibal, the spare tyre is on it,’’ he says. He looks over Hannibal his shoulder, at Face. ,,Is he going to make it?’’ he asks. Hannibal shrugs his shoulders. ,,I don’t know, B.A., I really don’t know.’’

B.A. looks angry at Murdock. ,,It’s your fault, fool,’’ he yells angry. He grabs Murdock his jacket. ,,you’ll pay for that, Murdock!’’ he yells. ,,I didn’t intent to do it,’’ Murdock yells back. ,,Guys, stop it!’’ Hannibal yells between them. But it doesn’t matter. B.A. and Murdock are still arguing. ,,Leave, fool.’’ ,,You don’t do anything for Face,’’ says B.A. angry. He puts Murdock out the van. ,,Okay, if that is what you want,’’ says Murdock in low voice and walkes away.

,,Murdock!’’ Hannibal yells, but Murdock is already gone. ,,Happy?’’ Hannibal asks angry. B.A. doesn’t give an answer. ,,Hannibal, where did Murdock go?’’ Face asks in a low voice. ,,Face, try to sleep, Murdock will be back,’’ Hannibal says. Face lays his head down and falls asleep.

Around 22:00 hours Hannibal and B.A. also are asleep. Murdock slowly slides the door from the van open. He sits down on his seat and closes the door. A couple of minutes after that, he also falls asleep.

In the morning Face wakes up. He has a lot of pain. ,,Hannibal, are you there?’’ he asks in low voice. He pinches Hannibal his hand. Hannibal slowly opens his eyes. ,,What’s wrong?’’ he asks sleepy. ,,I can’t stand it anymore,’’ Face groans. Hannibal feels at Face his stomach. ,,I think you have an internal bleeding,’’ he says. He wakes up Murdock and B.A.

,,What are you doing here?’’ B.A. asks, when he looks at Murdock. ,Guys, we don’t have time to argue,’’ Hannibal says calmly. ,,I don’t think Face is going to make it,’’ he whispers. ,,Why not?’’ Murdock asks. ,,I suspects that he has an internal bleeding,’’ Hannibal answers. ,,We have to be there for Face, as a team.’’ ,,This shouldn’t separate us, we should become a closer team.’’ B.A. nods. ,,You’re right, Hannibal, sorry,’’ he says in a low voice. ,,Murdock, I’m sorry that I was angry at you,’’ he continues. ,,That’s okay, Big guy,’’ Murdock answers.

,,I thought it would help,’’ Hannibal says. ,,What would help?’’ Murdock asks curious. ,,I thought Face would be better, after some sleep, but no…’’ Hannibal answers. B.A. lays his fingers on Face his neck. ,,His heartbeat isn’t perfect, neither,’’ he says. ,,What are we going to do?’’ Murdock asks a bit worried. ,,We drive to a place where someone lives,’’ Hannibal says. ,,And let’s hope we find it on time…’’

B.A. drives as fast as he cans. ,,Come on, Face, hang on,’’ Hannibal says in a low voice. ,,Hannibal?’’ Face asks. ,,Yeah, kid.’’ ,,You stay with me?’’ Face asks. Hannibal nods. ,,Yes, of course Face, I’ll be there for you, always.’’ After a while the team members notice a little house. ,,Finally,’’ Murdock says happy when he looks at that little house.

Hannibal knocks at the door. ,,Open the door, we’ve got a wounded man!’’ he yells. A woman opens the door. ,,Quick, we need to go to a hospital,’’ Hannibal says, when he walks into the room. ,,What happened to him?’’ the woman asks. ,,That’s a long story, but he needs help,’’ Hannibal answers. ,,Is there a hospital in the neighbourhood?’’ B.A. asks. ,,Well, the nearest hospital is 22 miles down the road, but I’m a doctor, so I can help him a bit ’’ the woman answers.

Face holds on Hannibal’s hand tidy. ,,I will be okay, right Hannibal?’’ he asks frightened. ,,Yes, Face, you will be okay,’’ Hannibal says. The woman puts an oxygen mask on Face his face. Slowly he closes his eyes. Hannibal lays Face his hand down. He walks out of the room, but looks again at Face, before he shots the door.

A bit later the woman walks into the room. ,,I couldn’t do much, because I don’t have that much material here, but the bleeding has stopped,’’ she says. Hannibal nods. ,,Thank you, anything else?’’ he asks. The woman continues. ,,His blood pressure is a bit low, he lost a lot of blood and his pulse is weak.’’ ,,Is it possible to transport him?’’ Murdock asks. The woman shakes her head. ,,No, that is too risky,’’ she says. ,,But you can stay here tonight, if you want,’’ she continues.

Murdock and B.A. carrying Face to the couch. Hannibal sits next to Face. He grabs Face his hand again. ,,He will come to within a couple minutes, isn’t he?’’ Hannibal asks. The woman nods. A bit later, Face comes to. ,,Face, do you have a lot of pain?’’ Hannibal asks. Face shakes his head. ,,No, not much.’’

In the middle of the night, Face wakes up. ,,Hannibal, help me… Hannibal, Murdock, B.A….’’ he says in a low voice. ,,Come on…’’ He pinches in Hannibal his hand. ,,Hannibal, wake up.’’ Murdock hears Face. ,,Faceman, what wrong?’’ he asks worried. ,,I … I can’t breathe, help me, Murdock.’’ Murdock wakes Hannibal. ,,Hannibal, he can’t breathe,’’ Murdock asks panicky. Together with Hannibal, he helps Face to get up. Hannibal pushes with one hand on Face his chest. ,,Is that better?’’ he asks. Face shakes his head. ,,Worse,’’ he gasps for breathe.

Face lays his head against Hannibal his shoulder. Hannibal talks calm to Face. ,,Easy Face, keep breathing.’’ ,,You will be alright, kid, really.’’ The woman brings a glass water. Carefully drinks Face a bit. Suddenly he loses consciousness. ,,Face, Face, say something,’’ Murdock says afraid. ,,Out my way,’’ the woman says. She puts Face down on the couch and starts to reanimate.

,,He is back,’’ she says relieved, after she’d reanimate for a while. Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. are also relieved. ,,He can sit straight again,’’ the woman says. Murdock puts, together with B.A., Face back straight. They lay his head against Hannibal his shoulder. Face wakes up. Hannibal looks at Face. ,,What is wrong, Hannibal?’’ Face asks. Hannibal tells him that he had a cardiac arrest.

,,I’m tired,’’ Face says in a low voice. ,,Try to sleep, kid.’’ Hannibal says. He lays his arm around Face. ,,I’ll stay with you.’’ Face looks at Hannibal with tears in his eyes. ,,Hannibal, thank you, for staying with me,’’ he says in a low voice. Hannibal nods. ,,Face, we’ve always bin good friends, so we’ll stay that forever.’’ Face smiles a bit, after that he closes his eyes.

Murdock wakes up, the next morning, as first. A bit later, Hannibal and B.A. are awake too. Face is still sleeping. Murdock walks to the kitchen and comes back a bit later. ,,Yes!’’ he yells happy. ,,Quiet, Murdock.’’ B.A. says and points to Face. ,,I’m sorry,’’ Murdock says in a low voice. ,,I’ve found something very nice,’’ he continues. ,,What is it?’’ Hannibal asks curious. Murdock smiles. ,,A new friend of mine, it is a invisible cat.’’ ,,He is drinking milk in the kitchen.’’ B.A. looks at Hannibal. ,,Oh no, he starts again,’’ he says. Hannibal laughs.

In the afternoon Face is also awake and the team members get their selves ready for a long ride. ,,We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us, but you still need to do one thing.’’ Hannibal says to the lady. ,,What is it?’’ she asks. ,,Forget us, forget that we’ve bin here, forget everything that has to do with us,’’ Hannibal says. ,,Why?’’ the woman asks. ,,Sorry, but that’s a complicated story.’’ Hannibal says and gets in the van. ,,Again, thank you very much,’’ he says and B.A. drives away.

,,How is Face?’’ B.A. asks on the way. Hannibal lays his fingers on Face’ neck. ,,His heartbeat gets worse,’’ he answers. Face looks at him. Sweat runs over his face. ,,I … can’t stand it anymore,’’ he groans. Hannibal wipes some sweat away. ,,You’ve got to hang on, kid,’’ he says in a low voice. Murdock grabs Face his other hand. ,,Faceman, you can pinch in my hand, if that helps,’’ he says. Face looks around him a bit confused. ,,It hurts…’’ he whispers.

,,Do we have any painkillers in the van?’’ Hannibal asks. B.A. nods. ,,Murdock, look in the back of the van, there’s water too,’’ he says. Murdock gets the bottle water and 2 painkillers and gives it to Hannibal. He helps Face to get up and backs up Face his head. Face takes the painkillers and Hannibal gives him the water. Face takes a bit water and swallows. He returns the water to Hannibal. ,,Can I remain sitting?’’ Face asks. Hannibal nods. He grabs a pillow. ,,Do you want to lay down your head against something?’’ he asks. Face nods. Hannibal thinks. ,,You can lay your head against me, because laying against the window isn’t nice,’’ he says. ,,Murdock, would you hold the pillow against my shoulder until Face his head is on it?’’ he asks Murdock. Murdock nods and does it. Face lays his head down carefully. ,,Is it good, Face?’’ Hannibal asks. Face nods. He grabs Hannibal his hand again.

,,Are you tired?’’ Murdock asks. ,,Yes, but … I can’t sleep,’’ Face answers. ,,Don’t you lay good?’’ B.A. asks. ,,It lays very good, but it just don’t want,’’ Face answers. ,,Do you have a lot of pain?’’ Murdock answers. Face shakes his head. ,,It’s not so painful now.’’ ,,Is Hannibal awake?’’ he asks after that. B.A. shakes his head. ,,No, he was tired.’’ A bit later Face falls asleep.

,,B.A., can I ask you something?’’ Murdock asks suddenly. ,,What do you want to know, fool?’’ B.A. asks short. ,,Do you know why Hannibal so close is with Face, now he is injured?’’ Murdock asks careful. B.A. explains…
,,Hannibal was during the first mission in Vietnam wounded, but you were at that point away.’’ ,,Face stayed every single minute with him and got him to a doctor.’’ ,,But on the way to the doctor, Face carried Hannibal on his back.’’ ,,I think he wants to do something back for Face.’’

After a long drive, the team members finally arriving at a hospital. Face is getting immediately to a emergency room. Hannibal, B.A. and Murdock are waiting nervous in the waiting room. One and a half hour later, a doctor arrives at the team members. ,,We’ve operated him successful, the injuries and bleedings are treated, but unfortunately he is in a coma.’’ Hannibal looks at the doctor. ,,How is that possible?’’ he asks worried. The doctor explains, that during the surgery a new bleeding has started and he had to choice between, let him going to die or in coma. Murdock looks shocked at the doctor.

,,Can we see him?’’ B.A. asks. The doctors nods. Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. walk into the room. They are looking at Face, who lays at several machines. Murdock bends his head. B.A. lays his hand on Murdock his shoulder. Hannibal grabs Face his hand. ,,Hang on, kid, hang on,’’ he says in a low voice. After that he lays down Face his hand. Followed by B.A. and Murdock, he walks out of the room.

A week later…
The team members get into Face his room. They are surprised, if they notice that Face is conscious. ,,Face, you’re awake,’’ Murdock says happy. Face nods. A doctor, who stands next to Face, tells the team members that Face regain consciousness yesterday. ,,Do you have a lot of pain?’’ Hannibal asks. Face shakes his head. ,,I don’t feel a thing, they’re giving me good painkillers,’’ he answers. The doctor takes of some blood from Face and walks out of the room.

Hannibal listens at the doctor, who talks to his colleague. ,,We’ve got to keep that guy here, it’s Templeton Peck, member from the A-team.’’ ,,Are you sure?’’ his colleague asks. ,,Yes, warn the MP, I’ll keep him here.’’ Hannibal steps away from the door. The doctor walks into the room. ,,His condition is still critical, we have to keep him here for another week,’’ he says. Hannibal nods. ,,That’s okay.’’ He answers.

If the doctor is gone, Hannibal closes the door. ,,Guys, we’ve got a problem, we have to leave, NOW,’’ he says. ,,Why?’’ Murdock asks surprisely. Hannibal tells his mates, what he heard. ,,So Decker would be here in a couple of minutes.’’ Hannibal puls out the infusion from Face. ,,I’m sorry, Face, we have to leave.’’ He takes Face on his back. Murdock opens the door. B.A. runs fast outside, to get the van.

,,What are you doing, you can’t run away!’’ a doctor yells, if he notice the team members. ,,Quick, this way, Murdock,’’ Hannibal says and runs to the left side. Murdock follows Hannibal, and the doctor follows Murdock. ,,Damn, this comes to a dead end!’’ Hannibal says panicky. Murdock opens a window. ,,Through here, Hannibal!’’ he yells. Hannibal hands over Face at Murdock. If Hannibal is outside, Murdock hands Face over back at him. Murdock clims also through the window. Hannibal runs, with Face on his back, further. ,,Murdock, is he gone?’’ he asks. ,,No,’’ yells Murdock back.

Hannibal and Murdock running into an alley. The’re wathing at the doctor, who runs further. ,,Yes, he is gone,’’ Murdock says relieved. ,,We have to find B.A.,’’ Hannibal says. Murdock nods. ,,I know how,’’ he says. He walks back to the hospital. He looks at a painter. While the painter is painting, Murdock grabs the paint. He runs away with it.

Murdock runs back to Hannibal. ,,I saw a painter near the hospital and I can use something from him,’’ he says. ,,What do you want to do with it?’’ Hannibal asks curious. ,,Watch and learn,’’ Murdock says and walks to the street. He starts to paint with his finger ,,I’m happy that this isn’t a busy street.’’ He yells towards Hannibal. A bit later he walks back. ,,You see?’’ he asks Hannibal. Hannibal reads the text on the street: ’’Big guy.’’ and an arrow towards the alley. Hannibal laughs.

B.A. drives still around in his van. ,,Fools, why don’t you wait for me?’’ he grumbles. Then he notice Murdock his text on the road. He stops the van. ,,Murdock, you’re nuts,’’ he grumbles and drives into the alley.

,,Look, it works, there he is,’’ Murdock says happy, when B.A. pulls over. Hannibal nods. ,,You are unsurpassable,’’ he laughs. He carries Face and lays him down in the van. ,,What do we do now, Hannibal? B.A. asks. ,,Go to an other hospital,’’ Hannibal answers. ,,But how do we find it?’’ Murdock asks. Hannibal laughs. ,,I’ve got a plan,’’ he smiles.

Murdock stands on the road, while the van is on the side of the road. ,,Hannibal, I find it one of your most striking plans you’ve ever had,’’ he yells. ,,I agree with you, Murdock,’’ Hannibal yells back. Murdock stops a car. ,,Do you where I can find a hospital?’’ he asks. ,,Yes, the Community General Hospital is a couple of minutes driving from here,’’ answers the driver. Murdock shakes his head. ,,No, not that one, we need an other,’’ he answers. ,,Why…?’’ the driver asks, but Murdock interrupts him. ,,Don’t ask something, just give me answers,’’ he says. The driver tells Murdock where he can find an other hospital.

,,There it is,’’ B.A. says if he notice the hospital. ,,Good,’’ Hannibal answers. ,,Because Face his conditions isn’t getting better,’’ he continues. ,,How is he?’’ Murdock asks. ,,His heartbeat raises dangerously,’’ Hannibal says. ,,How high is it now?’’ Murdock asks. ,,140, a couple of minutes ago it was a bit higher than 130,’’ Hannibal answers. B.A. drives as fast as he cans. He parks the van in front of the entrance.

Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. standing next to Face his bed. He wakes up slowly. He puts the oxygen mask from his face. ,,I thought I was in the van,’’ he says confused and looks around him. ,,You were, but now you’re in an other hospital,’’ Hannibal explains. Face starts to cough. ,,It’s not so bad,’’ Murdock jokes. Face starts to cough blood and B.A. gets a doctor.

The doctor gives Face some medication, by way of the infusion. ,,It’s should be over in 2 minutes,’’ he says. Hannibal nods. ,,Thank you.’’ He wipes a bit blood from Face his face. ,,Are you okay?’’ he asks. Face shakes his head. ,,My stomach hurts,’’ he says in a low voice. ,,And I’m boiling hot,’’ he continues. Hannibal lays his hand on Face his head. ,,Yes, your temperature is raising,’’ he concludes. ,,I think it’s better, to get that doctor back,’’ Murdock says. Hannibal nods.

The doctor lays his hand on Face his head. ,,His temperature is a bit high,’’ he says. ,,You had also stomach trouble?’’ the doctor asks. Face nods. The doctor puts some pressure on some places on Face his stomach. ,,Does this hurts?’’ the doctor asks. Face shakes his head. ,,And this?’’ the doctor asks. ,,Ouch, yes!’’ Face screams. ,,I’ll be right back,’’ the doctor says and walks away.

The doctor comes back. ,,In consultation with my colleague, I decided to take an X-ray,’’ he explains. Hannibal, Murdock and B.A. are waiting in a hall. If the doctor comes back, Hannibal gets up. ,,We couldn’t find anything wrong on the X-ray, but we think he has an infection,’’ the doctor says. ,,What are you going to do now?’’ B.A. asks. ,,We are going to operate him,’’ the doctor answers. ,,The operation won’t be long,’’ he explains.

Hannibal lays his head down on his knees. ,,What wrong, colonel?’’ Murdock asks worried. Hannibal looks at him. ,,They operate him again.’’ he says. Murdock nods. ,,I know,’’ he says. ,,He is too weak for an other operation,’’ Hannibal sighs. ,,He’s going to make it, Hannibal, I’m sure,’’ B.A. says.

A bit later the doctor comes back. Hannibal stands up. ,,He had an infection, but we’ve treated it successfully,’’ the doctor says. ,,How is he?’’ Hannibal says. ,,He came through the operation rather good, but it’s taking energy, so he needs some time to recover,’’ the doctor explains. Hannibal nods.

Face wakes up in the middle of the night. He looks at a shadow next to his bed. He rubs in his eyes. He really looks at someone. ,,Who… are you?’’ Face asks confused. ,,Shut up!’’ yells the man. Face recognizes the voice. ,,Bill?’’ he asks frightened. Bill laughs. ,,So you didn’t forget me?’’ he says. Face wants to call someone, but Bill lays his hand on Face his mouth. ,,You don’t say a thing,’’ he laughs.

Bill pulls Face from the bed. ,,You thought you could handle me, didn’t you?’’ he asks angry. ,,Well, you don’t,’’ he laughs. Face tries to pull himself out of Bill his hands, but he is too weak. ,,Let me go!’’ Face yells panicky. Bill pushes Face on the ground. ,,Quiet, asshole,’’ he yells angry. He kicks Face in his stomach. Face yells from the pain. Bill walks out Face his room. On the gallery, someone stands in front of him. ,,Out of my way,’’ he yells, but the man doesn’t go anywhere. The man grabs a gun and fires.

Bill lies unconsiously on the ground. The man steps over Bill, into Face his room. ,,Face, are you allright ?’’ he asks. ,,It’s me, Hannibal.’’ Face lies on the ground. Hannibal helps him to get up. A couple of doctors are arrived at Face his room. They lay Face on his bed again. ,,Let’s make an X-ray,’’ a doctor says. Face still has a lot of pain.

B.A. wakes up and looks around him. He wakes Murdock. ,,Wake up, fool,’’ he says. ,,Hannibal is gone.’’ Murdock looks around him. ,,Where did he go?’’ he asks as Hannibal walks into the room. ,,Sorry, guys,’’ he says and sits down on his bed. ,,I had to do it.’’ B.A. and Murdock wathing at each other. ,,What did you do, Hannibal?’’ B.A. asks. ,,I couldn’t sleep, something was wrong and I had to go to Face,’’ Hannibal tells his friends. ,,When I came there, Bill was there too.’’ Hannibal is silent for a moment. ,,I had to kill him,’’ he says in a low voice. ,,Well, I don’t mind,’’ B.A. says. ,,I didn’t had a choise,’’ Hannibal sighs. ,,But we’ve got a big problem now, they’ve got me on tape, so we have to escape again…’’

,,They’ve watched my X-ray, I’ve got two broken ribs,’’ Face sighs. ,,I can have only a couple milligramme medication each five minutes,’’ he explains. ,,Can you handle the pain, if you cannot have medication?’’ Hannibal asks. Face shakes his head. ,,No, it hurts very much, I’m very happy, that I can have medication after five minutes,’’ he answers. ,,But you don’t have pain somewhere else?’’ Hannibal asks. ,,Sometimes my stomach hurts very much or my head, but that’s everything,’’ Face asks.

,,Face…, Bill is dead,’’ Hannibal says in a low voice. Face looks at him. ,,He was…’’ Hannibal interrups him. ,,Yes, but I saw him in the hall and killed him,’’ he says. It’s quiet for a moment. ,,So we have to go?’’ Face asks. Hannibal nods. ,,Can you walk on your own?’’ he asks. ,,I don’t know, I’ve layed down the whole time.’’ Face answers. He stands up carefully. Hannibal helps him and he walks a bit. ,,It goes pretty good, Face.’’ Hannibal says. Face nods.

The team members walking to the van. ,,Do you prefer sitting or would you lay down?’’ Hannibal asks. ,,I prefer sitting,’’ Face answers. ,,Ouch,’’ he says after that. ,,Those stupid ribs again,’’ he sighs. ,,Don’t you have a spare rib?’’ Murdock asks laughing. ,,Sparerib, you know, spare… rib?’’ he laughs. B.A. looks angry at him. ,,I’m sorry,’’ Murdock says. Face laugh a bit. ,,I did liked it, B.A.’’

After a long drive, B.A. stops at a gas station. ,,Murdock, could you arrange a little house or something for us?’’ Hannibal asks. Murdock nods. ,,Of course, colonel,’’ he answers. ,,Okay, we’re going to eat something here,’’ Hannibal says. ,,See you later,’’ Murdock says.

Murdock comes back. ,,I arranged it, Hannibal,’’ he says. Hannibal nods. ,,What is it?’’ he asks. ,,I saw a man and he had a little house, here in the neighbourhood, we could stay there for a while,’’ Murdock answers. ,,How did you do that?’’ Face asks. ,,Easy, I told him I was his son, he was so happy, that we could stay, without even paying for it,’’ Murdock explains proudly. Hannibal, B.A. and Face are laughing. ,,Ouch, sorry,’’ Face sighs. ,,It doesn’t matter, Face,’’ Murdock says. ,,It’s okay, that you’ve got broken ribs, now I can do some scams and stuff.’’

4 weeks later…
,,How are you, Face?’’ Hannibal asks, when he comes outside. ,,I’m allright,’’ Face answers. ,,It only hurts when I breathe.’’ Murdock is fishing, a bit further from Hannibal and Face. B.A. sits next to him. ,,Why aren’t you fishing, B.A.?’’ Murdock asks. ,,I hate fish,’’ B.A. answers. ,,Why, are you afraid of them?’’ Murdock asks. B.A. looks angry at Murdock. ,,B.A. is afraid of fish!’’ Murdock yells laughing. ,,I’m not afraid of them, Murdock!’’ B.A. yells, but Murdock doesn’t stop yelling. ,,It’s enough, Murdock!’’ B.A. yells. He grabs Murdock and throws him into the water. Hannibal and Face are wathing at them, laughing...

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