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08-14-2007, 10:46 AM
Hello everybody,
in the morning I had an idea to write a Story about John Striker (sorry, if my english it not perfect).

Have fun reading!

Mary was a young beautiful and successful woman but she was unlucky with man, recently her boyfriend has left her. She left there apartment and let her dream comes true and bought an own house of the periphery of London. Money she has long safe and she was working in a bank and got a lot of money. Now she lives alone with her new dog Bob. “He is at least loyal to me” she thought.

One evening she was at a party of her schoolfriend Bea. It was a funny party and she had a lot of fun. Very late she came at home and she was so tired that she was sleeping immediately and don’t notice that Bob was not there. The next morning she miss the barking of Bob. “Bob, where are you?” she asked, but no barking. She called her Friend Bea and told her but she only said: “He will coming back”.

To the same time John Striker was on holiday. He was relaxing in a pool with same very nice girls and was smoking a big cigar. “Oh John, you are the handsome man in the world I ever have seen” said a girl. John was smiling.

In the night Mary was sleeping very fitful. She heard noises from the garden and thought maybe it would be Bob. She looked out of the window an saw a big black shadow on the terrace. In this moment she was very alert and she got panic. The phone rings. “If you want your big barker back, then you pay 1 Mio Dollars!” The voice said.

The next morning she called Bea again and told the story to her. “I could ask my brother” Bea answered. “John” Mary said “is he still a specialagent?” Yes, if you like it, I will ask him.”

In the afternoon Mary was on the bank and then she saw him: black sunshine glasses, blond hair, Versace wardrobe and a big smile. “Are you Mary Miller?” he asked. “Yes, I am”. “My name is John Striker. My sister Bea said that you are in trouble. “Oh, Mister Striker, thanks for coming” she said. “In 2 hours I will finish work.” “Great, then I will pick up you here” he said. “Thanks, very kind of you”.

2 Hours later John and her where in a Bistro and she told him the story. “The kidnapper want 1 Mio Dollar. No housebreaking traces. And in the night the noises, Mister Striker, “John” he said, “John, I am afraid”.

Now the time was there. John got a specialmission. A young beautiful nice girl in trouble, that was a mission to him! “There is no need to worry, he said “ if you like it I could stay at your home tonight”. “Oh that would you do to me, Thanks so very much” she said. (really friendly man Bea’s brother, she thought).

At the evening John was driving his red Ferrari 308 GTB to Mary. “There are no housebreaking traces the police thought it is a insurance fraud! But I haven’t done anything”. “I believe you” John said.
The phone ringed. “Do you have the money for your little barker?” Mary looked afraid to John. “Yes” he whispered. “Come in 2 days to the St. Gates Street, 10.00 pm, and no police”.
“Ok” John said to Mary. “I will provide the money. Do you think you can make the transaction? “Yes John, if you are there”.

“I will stay tonight here at your home and I will take care of you”. After a glass wine Mary was sleeping and John in the dining-room. And then he was hearing the noises. Eerie noises. John was on the alert. He opened the door of the terrace and saw a man under the sleeping room of Mary. This man had a recorder from which John heard the noises. “Mary Mary” he could heard a ugly voice. Mary was awake and was standing next to the door of the dining room. “Still” John said and put a finger on his lips. And now the Action begins: John fall upon the man. He was the best fighter ever. The other man was shocked and took flight. “YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE” John called and was running after the ugly man. With a wallop to the face he made the man helpless. “Now tell me where the little dog is”. John bind the hands of the man and hold a pistol under the nose of the ugly man. “I will never say anything” the man said.
Mary comes nearer. “I know you, you was on the photo which was hanging on the wall if I got the keys for my new house from Mister McNeal. Yes, you are his son! “Yes, I am the son of Mister MCNeal, and it was so easy to stole the keys from him. You are living in MY house, you know, it is MY house, and dad sold My house to a bitch like you!” Mary was shocked. “It was so easy to take the little barker”. “No” Mary said, it is not your house it was the house of Mister MCNeal, your dad.” “Where is the dog” John asked angry and with pistol. “In my little apartment”.

Later the dog was at home and Mary happy. She was with John in a big restaurant and was looking in his blue eyes. “Thank you John, without you I never had got my little Bob back.” John was smiling “and without Bob I never had find you, YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE! he said with a big smile. Then they kissed.....

The End


08-14-2007, 10:54 AM
Howdy Petra
That's so FAV..thnks for sharin' this excitin' story with us..Welcom Aboard!! :wink: ..Yr English's Excellent!!..that's what I call...'Love me..Love my Dog :wink: :lol: '...DB'd be perfect role for JS!! :wink: 8)

08-15-2007, 04:35 AM
Hello dbukfan,
thanks for your friendly words. It makes me happy, if peoples like my story :D



08-15-2007, 02:54 PM
Hallo Petra!

Bitte schreibe Mehr!

Machs Gut!
Anne :)