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08-10-2007, 12:56 PM
Hi everybody,

long time ago if I was a young teenage girl I wrote Galactica stories.I only saw the first film and loved it so much, that I wrote stories. Now this is a short version of one, the original is much longer, not so easy to write in english (please sorry about my schoolenglish, please)!

Maybe you enjoy it!

The Galactica was flying in the universe. No war with the Cylons, but peace? Nobody believes.

On the bridge was a lot of trouble. Colonel Tigh said: “Commander, there is something wrong with the computer. It ever said Cylons!” “Apollo,please check if we have Cylons a few steps from here.” “Yes Sir” Apollo said, “no Cylons but look at the monitor. It try to show us a picture but it is so unclear.” In next moment - “Look, there is a woman on the Scan, where is she from?” Apollo ask. “Hello, my name is Amanda.”
“Please could you tell me from where you are?” The captain asked. “I am from another planet you never can known. I would be very pleased if I could come to our ship.”
“Why not?” Starbuck said to Apollo, “she is looking very nice” (big smile). “Starbuck, nobody knows this woman..” “Of course nobody knows her but its time to get to know her. And if you don’t like it, I do,” Starbuck smiles. In this moment Starbuck saw Athena with a really unhappy face, “Oh sorry,” he said to her. “We will talk later.” Commander Adama said.Apollo was gone from the bridge, he was a bit angry about Starbuck.

“Apollo, please let me talk to you about Boxey.” Sirena said. “What is about him?” Boxey was sitting on a chair and very sad. In this moment he saw his daddy he said: “Hello Dad, is it true that a strange woman is on the ship“?” Oh no Boxey we only saw her on the Scan”.” Apollo,” Sirena whispered, “I believe she is on board. I saw her, she is not only on the scan! Did you told this to Adama”? he asked but Sirena said no.
Apollo was running to the bridge. “Commander, that strange woman is on board, Sirena saw her, I can’t believe it“. Adama was looking to Tigh: “Red Alarm, now“!!! All worriers came to the bridge, but only one not: Starbuck. Where he is?

Starbuck makes friends with Amanda, the mysterious very nice looking woman. She was lying in his arms and he whispered to her how sweet she is, if Boxey came to Starbucks room. “Oh Boxey, don’t talk to Apollo ok“? Then Starbuck was running to the bridge, a bit too late. “Starbuck, from where do you come from“? Athena ask very angry. “Me, oh, äh, well“. “Starbuck“, Apollo said. “There is a traitor on the Galactica. Did you see anything Starbuck? “A traitor“? Oh I saw nothing“. Starbuck lied. “Starbuck, do you think it is the woman with the long hair which you kissed... “?Boxey asked “What“? Athena cries, “Starbuck you kissed that traitor girl“?
“Stop now“, Adama said, “all rooms must be search“. Starbuck was feeling very unwell, “Commander, she is in My Room“. he said. “Take her to the bridge, now“!!!! But Amanda was not in Starbucks room.....

“Amanda, my child, have you done what I said to you“?
“Yes, Father but there is a little problem with that humans. There are not so stupid as we known. There known that I was on board and there is a Lieutenant, Starbuck, well I think he likes me." "Then try to find out more of the Galactica, Amanda. By your
command” she said.

Back on Galactica:“Where are you“? Captain Apollo cried to Amanda. “And who are you”? “Me? I was on my Planet. Where is Starbuck“? she asked. “Planet“? Apollo said angry, “what is the name of your Planet“? But Amanda was going. “Stay“! he said.
In this moment Amanda took a laser and was open fire of Apollo and then she was running. Apollo got a shot on his arms and was bleeding. Amanda took a shuttle from the Galactica.

“Father“! “Yes Amanda“. “That humans, there are not so stupid as we know. I must shot the captain and then I could flight“. “YOU are a stupid girl, now there know that we are not friends. Ok take the 3 best Cylons and now it starts to begin“!

“Commander, Amanda is really a traitor“, Apollo came to the bridge, his arm was a bit bleeding. “She opened the fire and then she flight. We must send vipers in the universe. There is something wrong with her, we known nothing about her, she comes and goes
like a ghost, Commander, is she really a human“? “Red Alarm!!!”
The Commander said.

Starbuck, Boomer and Jolly are running to the ships. Start. “I can see nothing, and of course no Cylons“. “Wait Starbuck I have an unlucky feeling“. Boomer said. “Look, oh my good!!” In this minute there are a lot of Cylons ships come from nowhere and the fire began. But not only fire, a very big mesh was flying over Starbucks ship, he was capture by the Cylons, helpless. “I never saw anything like this“! Boomer said. The fire was stopping. And Starbuck was a hostage of the Cylons.

The ships were landing on the Base star. Starbuck had no chance. His ship was safely landing with the mesh. The door was opening and the Cylons to drag aside him. And then he saw HER. That beautiful woman. “Thank you“, he said very angry. What do you want? The Galactica? NEVER“! Amanda said to the Cylons: “take him to my room.”
It was a good looking room. He was tired. Sleeping, yes sleeping and maybe this was only a dream, when he would wake up, he will be on the Galactica with a big cigar. But no, SHE was there.
“Starbuck, today we have a party, will you go with me to this party“? she asked. “PARTY??? You capture me, I am a hostage of the Cylons and you ask me to go to a party?” “Please Starbuck, you are the only human on our ship, I want to dance with a human.” Crazy girl Starbuck thought. “Yes I will go.” It was a big party. Starbuck loved to dance with Amanda, the Cylons tried to dance too, but they can’t dance. Amanda saw in Starbucks blue eyes. She whispered: “I will help you, my mother was a human, my father is..... One tear was rolling over her cheek. She was dying of Caprica, he knows it. He only want the Galactica. Take this,” she gave him a mini laser, “try to run, Starbuck, good luck.” And he run, never before so fast. Amanda know where the monitor was and Starbuck send a little Help to the Galactica, very short, but better than nothing he thought. “Stop!” He knows this metall voice. Capture, Hostage, no chance. The Cylons took him to a room without a window, it was a really horror jail. SHE was there. “Oh, Starbuck, the Cylons Commander is my father. He only want to get the Galactica, he has no feelings about me!” she was crying. “Still“, he said, “do you hear this?“ Explosions, hundreds of explosions. The door was breaking.
“Boomer, dear friend” And then there are running fast, faster, very fast.
It was a battle never to won but they won. Amanda was going with Starbuck on the Galactica, she was a hostage too by the Cylons Commander. The battle was winning and Starbuck? He had a beautiful girl more on board.

The End

Thank you!


08-10-2007, 05:26 PM
Hallo Petra! :D

Das war Sehr Sehr Gut!
I was born in Canada but I have dual citizenship German and Canadian.
Deutsch bin in Auch! :D
Please Please write another one. I loved your story. :D

Machs Gut!
Anne :)

08-11-2007, 01:50 PM
Hello Anne,
thanks so very much for your kind words :D
Maybe I will try to write more about Starbuck and Amanda



08-12-2007, 01:10 PM
Hi Petra! :D

Looking forward to another story from you.
Your English is excellent!
Have you chosen an avatar? That's a small photo under your user name.
If you like I can make you one. Please let me know!

Machs Gut!
Anne :)

08-12-2007, 02:15 PM
Hello Anne,
thanks very much for your offer but in the moment I would not like to get an avatar. Your German is good too. I was a bit nervous to put the story here in this forum, I thought my english is not so good, Thank you. :D