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A story for you guys :D
Enjoy it, if the English is bad, sorry :oops:

The Supermarketwar

An old friend from Hannibal, Nathalie owns a supermarket near the centre.
She doesnít want to lose her supermarket, but 6 guys are trying to let her sell the supermarket.
Before the guys leave they destroy a part of the supermarket.
Nathalie decides to contact her friend Hannibal.

The A-Team arrives at the supermarket.
Hannibal went to Nathalie
Are you okay Nathalie? Hannibal asks.
Yes, Iím fine, Iím really getting sick and tired of those guys.
Did they threatened you? Hannibal asks.
Yes, They put a gun on my head and said I had to sign the contract.
Iím so scared Hannibal, Nathalie said.
Slimeballs!! Hannibal said.
BA, Face and Murdock enter the supermarket.
What a mess! BA said.
You can say that again, who did this? Hannibal asks.
His name is Ricky, he owns a supermarket at the end of the street Nathalie said.
Nobody will destroy a supermarket without paying for that Hannibal said.
You got a plan, colonel? Murdock asked.
Not yet, but Iíll think of something. Letís repair the supermarket first and then weíll visit the guys who did this! Hannibal said. BA get your tools and Murdock get something we can use and Face you can write down the damage on paper.
When Face wrote down the damage, the team was at the back drinking a cup of coffee.
Face whatís the damage? Hannibal asks.
Letís see:
- The entrance completely destroyed
- 10 windows broken
- 5 shelfs unusable
- 1 pay-desk destroyed
Totally $ 300.000
Thatís a lot of money, Hannibal said. I hope this guy has the money in his supermarket. If he hasnít heíll gťt the money! Come on letís go!.
Be carefull Hannibal, Ricky is imeasureable Nathalie said.
Itíll be okay, weíll come back later to talk further.
In the Van.
We need a plan, Hannibal said.
Well, what are you waiting for, fool! BA said
Donít be hurried, BA Hannibal said.
Okay, Iíve got a plan:
Weíll go into the store and ask for Ricky. When someone is moving, just point the guns on them.BA and Murdock, I want you to cover us when we leave the supermarket, if they donít pay us, we will rob the safe. If anything goes wrong weíll call you.
Okay letís do this!!
In the supermarket.
Can I help you, sir? The contributor asks.
Yes, I was looking for a guy named Ricky, can I talk to him?
Follow me, Iíll lead you to his office.
Thanks, Hannibal said.
In Rickyís office.
Good afternoon, can I help you? Ricky asks.
I hope so, Hannibal said. Six of your man just destroyed a part of a supermarket from a friend of mine, and we want you to pay for the damage.
Face read the damage please.
Letís see:
- Entrance completely destroyed
- 10 windows broken
- 5 shelfs unusable
- 1 pay-desk destroyed
Letís put that all together.. thatís gonna be 300.000 dollars please.
You can pay in advance Face said.
I wonít pay anything Ricky said..
You better pay us, before weíll destroy your supermarket Hannibal said.
Then we are just like bulls in a china-ware store. So give us the money.
Ricky acts like he gets the money, but suddenly he pulled out his gun and pointed it on Hannibal.
Oh yeah, now Iím impressed. Hannibal asks.
You donít have to, get out of my supermarket and fast Ricky said.
Whatever you want.. Hannibal said.
BA entered the supermarket with Murdock.
Murdock shot some bottles of wine and throwed a shelf with drinks on the ground. Then two guys tried to get him.
Waaaahoooo!! Catch me if you can!!! Murdock yelled..
Face saw the 2 guys running to him. He slapped them so hard they fell on the ground. When the 2 guys were defeated Face had hurt his fists. Murdock took the weapons and pointed the gun to them.
I won!!! Yiihaaa Murdock yelled.
Now it is time to do business, Hannibal said.
If you donít want to listen, weíll destroy your supermarket again but this time worse.
You can dig your own grave. Come on guys, letís go.
Hannibal destroyed a pay-desk before they left the supermarket.
Ricky was mad and wanted revenge.
This will not happen to me again! Ricky said.
The A-Team came back into Nathalies supermarket
Nathalie are you there? Hannibal said.
* No responce *
They havenít !Hannibal said.
What havenít they? Face asked.
Ricky wasnít here first and took Nathalie Hannibal said worried.
He was here earlier.. BA said that he found a note on the desk of Nathalies office.
If you want to see Nathalie alive again, then do what we say:
Close the supermarket en sign the contract whatís on the desk.
Damn! Hannibal said, I should have stayed with her.
Now they Ďll kill her if we arenít fast.
Dont worry, colonel! Murdock said, I think I know where they are.
You do? Where? Hannibal asked.
I read something that Ricky has another base in the north.
I think itís flying 2 hours and 30 minutes with a helicopter.
We ainít gonna fly Hannibal! Iíd rather die! BA yelled.
I want to see Nathalie safe and healthy but I donít step into a helicopter for that.
Then iíll drive.
Whatever you want BA Hannbal said. Face you and Murdock take the helicopter.
BA and I drive to the base from Ricky. We will check the area on other bases.
Murdock if you see us, just call us on the walkietalkie and say how far we are left from his base, and when we have to stop.
I will do that colonel Murdock said.
When Hannibal closed the supermarket they search for Nathalie.
Hannibal, where do you know Nathalie from? BA asks.
She saved my life once when I was hit by a car Hannibal said.
Thatís heavy BA said.
It sure is Hannibal said. I promised her to help when she needed my help, as you see now.
Hannibal saw a house in the bushes
BA stop the van. BA stopped the van.
Let;s have a look there, perhaps we will find something.
Okay, but be carefull and take a weapon BA said.
BA and Hannibal enter the house.
This place looks clear, and this place too.
When Hannibal had a hard slap on the back of his head, he went knock-out.
Hannibal? BA said.
Even BA had a hard slap on the back of his head and went knock-out.
When Hannibal and BA wake up again they're tied up in a room.
Damn! My head hurts, where am I? Hannibal said.
You are here, Ricky said.
Where is here? Hannibal asks.
Ricky gets his gun and put it to Hannibal his head.
I shouldnít do that if I were you sucker BA said.
Or else? Ricky said.
You will pay when we are free, then I kill you BA said.
Take it easy BA Hannibal said.
Ricky, I wrote your note that was on the desk of Nathalie, where is she? Hannibal asks.
Donít go ďto the pointĒ immediately. Where is that signed contract? Ricky asks.
I don;t have it here, it is in the van Hannibal said.
BA laughed.
Then you will get it for me, and your friend will stay here Ricky said.
A guard released Hannibal.
Okay, I will get it for you Hannibal said.
Hannibal walks to the van with a guard point a gun behind him. Hannibal knocks-out the guard and alarms Face & Murdock. They have to come to the house immediately. Guys, I've got a problem. B.A. en I are caught by Ricky and Nathalie is kept there too. Come help us through a distraction.
Okay colonel, we are on our way Face said.
Back in the house.
You got the contract? Ricky asks.
Yes, I got it right here, now let Nathalie go Hannibal said.
Not yet, that contract first Ricky said.

Hannibal gave an envelope with a flyer of the supermarket in stead of the contract in it to Ricky. In the meanwhile, Murdock & Face are flying with de helicopter above the house and see that Nathalie is put in a car.
Hannibal, Theyíre trying to escape with Nathalie, outside! Go outside!! Fast! Face shouts through the walkietalkie.
When Hannibal tryed to get outside he gets knocked-out for the second time and tied up again. B.A. escapes en knockes out one guard. He accidentally forgets Hannibal and runs away. Face and Murdock were wrong because Nathalie was brought into the house.
B.A. drives away with the Van to Nathalies supermarket.
Guys, to the supermarket! Now! B.A. shouts through the walkie talkie.
In the Nathalies Supermarket;
Where are those suckers, B.A. wonders.
In the meanwhile, Murdock & Face are landed and run into the supermarket.
What happened? Face asked
They got Hannibal & Nathalie, his escape failed.
Oh man, those stupid plans always.. Damn..!
We have to get back guys, we canít leave Hannibal and Nathalie on their own.
How were you planning to do that, if we go back theyíll expect us. It isnít smart to go back.
We need a plan. And fast. BA said.
In the meanwhile back in Rickyís house.
Hannibal wakes up and is tied up in a room. He canít see anything because heís got a blindfold for his eyes. Suddenly he hears te door going open and a female voice. It was Nathalie who was thrown in the room and the door closed again. Nathalie saw Hannibal tied up lying on the ground and she walked to Hannibal. She untied him and took off the blindfold.
Thanks Nathalie, Hannibal said. Sorry we werenít on time to stop the abduction.
It doesnít matter Hannibal, Iím glad you arenít hurt, Nathalie answered relieved.
Nathalie gave Hannibal a hug.
Iím glad to see you again too, and that you arenít hurt either. Hannibal said.
We have to get out of here, but how..?
In the meanwhile, Face made a plan.
O.K. Guys, weíll get into the base by crashing a wall with the van, search trough the house, and free Hannibal & Nathalie.
NO WAY MAN! That will never work! B.A. answers.
What do you want then, BA? Face asks. Weíve got no choice. We have to ride trough the house.
Alright then, B.A. answers. Weíll do it your way, but, if my van gets damaged, Iíll kill you!!
Guys! Relax!! Weíve got to save Hannibal and Nathalie, you two, fight later. Murdock said.
Weíll do Faceís plan, unless someone knows a better option?
**No responce**
OK, lets go!!
When Hannibal is trying to make a plan, the door swings open. Ricky walks into the room.
What do you want from me?! Hannibal asks Ricky.
The contract. Signed. Ricky answered.
As I said earlier, I havenít got the contract!! How many times I have to tell you?!
2 guards get Hannibal.
It doesnít matter anymore, youíll get the contract from Nathalies supermarket.
No way! I wonít sell my supermarket!! Yells Nathalie mad.
Nathalie smacks the guards, so Hannibal can make himself loose.
Ricky pulls out his gun.
You wonít escape, Ricky said mad.
You think? Watch! Hannibal said.
Hannibal kicked the weapon out of Rickyís hands and gives Ricky a roar, so the location is clear.
Come on Nathalie, Run! Hannibal shouted.
While Nathalie and Hannibal are runnig for their life, they see the Van coming.
Take cover, Nathalie!
Nathalie runs to a ditch. Hannibal tries to stop his team but itís useless. B.A.,Face, and Murdock donít see Hannibal when they drive to Rickyís base. Hannibal runs right on time into the ditch, and watches how the team drives into Rickyís base.
Nathalie gets to Hannibal.
Hannibal watched his arm. It started to bleed.
Damn!! Wrong landing!! Hannibal said.
Why didnít they stop?
It doesnít matter, You have to be glad you could run away, else you would have been killed.
Nathalie and Hannibal watched the wreckage the Van arranged.
In the meanwhile, Face and B.A. tied up Ricky and Murdock pointed his gun to the guards.
Where are Hannibal and Nathalie, sucker? BA asked mad.
We are here, B.A. , Hannibal answered.
What happened to your arm, man?? B.A. asked worried.
I tried to stop you, but you didnít saw me.
I didnít saw you Hannibal, really, I didnít!!! B.A. said.
Murdock and I didnít saw you either Hannibal, Iím so sorry! Face said.
You were to busy crushing the base, right? Man, if I didnít run, B.A. would have hit me with the Van and I would be killed!!!
Get away with those guys, after that weíll go to Nathalies supermarket.
Back in the supermarket.
How can I ever thank you, thanks to you my supermarket is saved!!!
No problem Nathalie, B.A. Face, & Murdock said.
Hannibal laughed.
Nathalie, I promised you, you could contact me when something was wrong, and we did our job. Personally, it was fun to break down Rickyís supermarket!
Call the plice so these people can be arrested because of destruction, threat, and abduction.
Nathalie calls the police.
Well guys, goodbye, and good luck in prison! Hannibal laughed.
I called the police, and theyíre on their way. Nathalie said.
I wish you good luck with your supermarket Nathalie. Hannibal said.
Nathalie gave Hannibal a kiss on his cheek.
Thank you so much Hannibal, for everything.
Hannibal smiled.
No problem girl..!
Hurry up, Hannibal! Decker is coming! Face said.
Iíve to go now, Iíll call you later Nathalie.
Hannibal kissed Nathalie and jumped into the Van.
They drove away before Decker had the chance to arrest them.
In the Van, Hannibal said to his team;
I love it when a plan comes together..!

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