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10-27-2006, 03:12 PM

Uncle Buckle-Up
First aired: 12/17/1985
Hannibal auditions for the role of Ruff the Bear in the show The Uncle Buckle Up Show. There he finds out that Uncle Buckle is in trouble, since someone is using his toys to smuggle heroin.

Writer: Danny Lee Cole
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Bruce Solomon, Arte Johnson (Sydney / Uncle Buckle-Up), Susan Scannell (Kelly), Art Metrano (Nick Gretsch), Lewis Dawber (Designer), Anthony McLaughlin (Akel), Jonathan Goldsmith (Bruce Solomon), Eric Lawson (Unknown), Toni Attell (Unknown), S. Marc Jordan (Unknown)

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This one was just in time for Christmas. It featured a ton of toys especially at the end of the episode. Art Metrano (Nick Gretsch) wanted Uncle Buckle-Up to endorse his product which was stuffed animals. The only problem was the animals were defective where the heads would fall off, this isnít good if one is trying to smuggle drugs. Face begins romancing Susan Scannell (Kelly) who turns out to be Uncle-Buckle-Upsís daughter. If this isnít bad enough Gretsch finds out about her relationship to Uncle Buckle-Up and uses her to capture the A team. He intends on disposing of them by burning down the warehouse they are in but Hannibal comes up with a plan for there are a ton of toys around so the team uses them to capture the bad guys once they return. I found this episode very cool especially how they made use of so called harmless toys to overcome the odds.