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Where is the Monster When You Need Him?
First aired: 10/1/1985 Production Code: 1407
Hannibal takes a role as actor in a low budget production. When the film set moves to its location in South America, the local gangster already wait for them, but they didn't expect the A-Team.

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Lance LeGault (Colonel Roderick Decker), Carl Franklin (Captain Crane) , Michael Lerner (Jerry), Judy Landers (Jenny O'Hannorhan), Dennis Cole (Charles Lake), Mike Preston (Dunnigan), Walter Gotell (Ramon "White Angel" DeJarro), Rick Garcia (One Shot), James Vicher (Unknown)

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Judy Landers was along for the ride and looked very hot in her bathing suit. Audrey is her twin sister and one of them starred on Vegas as Dan Tanna’s secretary. Walter Gotell (Ramon "White Angel" DeJarro) was also featured in an episode of Airwolf as a Nazi war criminal. I liked how Hannibal and the others improvised with fake weapons in order to procure real weapons. Dennis Cole (Charles Lake) decided that the production wasn’t for him so he walked off the set leaving Face as the lead actor who used the name Lake Charles.

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