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10-22-2006, 08:16 AM

Knights of the Road
First aired: 2/26/1985 Production Code: 1321
The A-Team comes to the aid of an auto mechanic being driven out of business by a ruthless competitor. Things turn out to be more complicate, when they discover drugs are part of the game.

Writer: Burt Pearl, Steven L. Sears
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Don Stroud (Tyler), Carlos Romero (I) (Zunigan), Tim McMullen (Carson), Deborah Goodrich (Jenny), Ji Tu Cumbuka (Unknown), Jimmie F. Skaggs (Unknown), Ricardo Lopez (Unknown), Galyn Gorg (Cathy), Russ McCubbin (Freddy), John Kelly (Old Man), Marty Imsland (Jessie), Carlos Rivas (Police Officer)

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Deborah Goodrich (Jenny) plays hard to get for the entire episode which makes face believe he has lost his touch with the ladies but at the end of the episode he manages to kiss her. Murdock is the true hero of the episode as he manages to go undercover in an abandoned car to see what is really going on. Another plus of this episode was the super tow truck that the team managed to fix and renovate to meet their needs as they are surrounded by an army and have to fight their way out.