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10-19-2006, 03:46 PM

Wheel of Fortune
First aired: 1/14/1986
Murdock's fortunes rise and fall as he uses Face's system to win big on Wheel of Fortune. He wins a trip to Hawaii, but then is kidnapped by people who claim to be CIA, but turn out to be criminals.

Writer: Bill Nuss
Director: David Hemmings
Guest star: George McDaniel (Joshua), Lydia Cornell (Jody Joy), Bernie Pock (Jeremy Woods), Richard Evans (Stein), Judd Omen (Unknown), Gregory Itzin (Unknown), Kerry Michaels (Unknown), Pat Sajak (Himself), Vanna White (Herself), Rouena Bales (Amelia), Jack Clark (Himself), Tricia Hutton (Nurse Pearlson), Dian Gallup (Twin #1), Denise Gallup (Twin #2), Kendall (Contestant #1), Bill Nuss (Contestant #2)

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Murdock was the big winner in this episode as he gets both the truck and the girl at the end of the episode leaving Face with a WTF look on his mug. Face wanted Murdock to take him to Hawaii with him but Murdock takes his new lady friend instead Lydia Cornell (Jody Joy). I donít blame him. :D Gregory Itzin (Unknown) was also in this episode. He is best known for his role on 24 as President Logan. Itzin even had more hair in this episode. :D George Peppard must have been working on another project for he was barely in this episode leaving Face and B.A. to save the day.

08-20-2007, 08:38 PM
Nice episode :D