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10-15-2006, 03:41 PM

Members Only
First aired: 1/28/1986
Face's chances of getting into an exclusive country club are severely hampered by the A-Team's battles on club property with a crooked bank president. General Fulbright is a member there as well.

Writer: Bill Nuss
Director: Tony Mordente
Guest star: Scott Colomby (Frank), Kevin McCarthy (McKeever), Betsy Russell (Adreian Prescott), Barrie Ingham (Chuck), Carole Cook (Unknown), Shecky Greene (Himself), Steve Tannen (Unknown), Paul Tinder (Unknown), Rod Stryker (Unknown), Ben Hartgan (Head Waiter), Larry Stewart (Landhum), Julie Rhodes (Waitress).

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This was a funny one. Face is trying to be on his best behavior to get into the club, he is even on a probationary trial run while Murdock is already in, a guest of his psychiatrist Dr Richter. I liked when Hannibal and McKeever played golf. B.A. had the ball rigged so it would go in the hole but it took skill at the end from Hannibal to sink the last ball as the gadget shorted out after the sprinkler system came on. If all of this isnít bad enough general Fulbright is also a member and he automatically recognizes face who once has to hide in the shower and another time has to stop short and make the general fall off his Corvette. The ending is hilarious for there is a roast going on for Fulbright, one in which Shecky Greene is doing his routine. The routine doesnít last long for the A team crashes the party and Hannibal decides to say a few nice words about Fulbright. :D