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10-14-2006, 03:50 PM

Mind Games
First aired: 11/26/1985 Production Code: 1418
Face quits the A-Team after receiving a full government pardon and quickly becomes a celebrity; the rest of the A-Team keeps an eye on him suspecting the pardon's not 100% legit. With the now open spot, Murdock does everything to pretend to be Face, after a while he's able to perfection his acting.

Writer: Stephen J. Cannell
Director: Michael O'Herlihy
Guest star: Sheelagh McLeod (E.G. Fowler), David Hedison (David Vaun), Barney McFadden (Pell), James Hong (Chow), Larry Anderson (Unknown), Ping Wu (Unknown), Jan Merlin (Unknown), Larry Carroll (Unknown), Johnny Mountain (Anchorwoman), Hal Rayle (Chuck-a-Luck the Chicken), Adele West (Girl), Wendy Sherwood (Receptionist), Cal Pritner (Miller), Rodney Saulsberry (Ambulance Attendant), Rod Stryker (Sergeant Case), Inez Pedroza (TV News Anchorwoman), Ed Quinlan (Man), Dennis Kelly (Mason Sever), Scott Ellsworth (Newsman #2), Bettie Lynn Hurtes (Newsman #1)

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This episode showed the scope of Dwight Schultzís acting ability. Murdock decided to become the new team scrounger and adopts the personality of the Hunk Man. However the Hunk isnít received to well by the female population, in fact he frightens them off. Face allows the pardon to go to his head and almost pays with his life as James Hongís (Chow) character wants him dead believing Face took advantage of his daughter in Nam. David Hedison (David Vaun) was also along for the ride in this episode. Hedison was known for his role as Captain Crane on Voyage to the Bottom of the Seas. One of the funniest moments is when B.A. threatens to throw Vaun off a balcony and Vaun states, ďIíLL TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW!Ē The jet pack that the Team uses to eventually aid in the rescue of Face might have been the same from one of the early James Bond movies. The same jet pack was used on numerous episodes of Lost In Space.