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06-26-2019, 02:22 AM
Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

I discovered this accidentally. My grocery order arrived and I was surprised at the sweet potatoes - they were very small, like 2 or 3 fingers held together, and a few inches long. Then an idea came out of nowhere - I was cooking a big pot of lentils so why not cook them together.

I added onions and chopped carrot to the lentils, also a small amount of leftover marinara sauce, which can be omitted. Whlle the lentils cooked to the place where they need to be salted, I scrubbed the small potatoes with a brush, and barely trimmed the ends. Removed any blemishes carefully.

When I salted the lentils I dropped in half a dozen small skinny sweet potatoes. I couldn't believe the result - they became soft but didn't break. I lifted them out and meant to eat one or two, separately from the lentils. They were so good I ate four! Including the peels! Tasted better than they ever had before. The potatoes and lentils flavor each other. Can't wait to try it again.....:)