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02-15-2006, 01:55 PM
I don't know if anyone has an answer to this (Dirk would know :)...

Twice in "Best from the Belly of the Boeing", Hannibal started to say something to Face, but got interrupted both times, and he never finished the sentence.

First, while sitting in their seats before they discovered Murdock and B.A. were on board, Hannibal turns to Face and says something "Well kid, it looks like we've run out of road on this one..." when Face cuts him off, "Are you crazy??? and something about John Wayne.

Then, in the cockpit, Hannibal is trying to land the plane, and he turns to Face and says "Face, if we crash.." at which time B.A wigs out and grabs Hannibal.

What was he going to say to Face? "Glad to know ya?" I would think he'd be saying that to all the guys. What would he have to say to Face that wouldn't necessarily apply to anyone else? If they DID crash, Face would be gone too, so I doubt Hannibal was going to ask him to feed his goldfish. :D :D :D

Anybody have any ideas? I'm dyin' to know!


julie w
02-15-2006, 09:51 PM
My guess?

"Well kid, it looks like we've run out of road on this one...so kiss your butt goodbye."


"Face, if we crash.....we'll die."

sometimes the obvious doesn't need to be said which is probably why he didn't need to finish his sentence.:-D Kidding, kidding.....

Actually, I don't remeber if they were in danger of crashing into something and hurting other people - which maybe *that* could've been his concern. I do remember that Amy turned a gun on the air controlers (or whatever they were) on the ground because she realized they were going to fly the team into the ocean because the guys on the ground didn't believe they could saftley land the plane. That's when Amy (holding the gun on them) got on the wire and told Hannibal what was going on and to be cautious of what was being said.

I haven't seen the episode in a few years but I think I remember it correctly....right?


02-15-2006, 09:59 PM
Funny, I JUST watched this again tonight after posting that message. :)

This was a funny episode, and full of good angst because our boys were in jeapordy.

And this is one where I liked Amy being there. :)

I'm still dying to know what Hannibal was going to say to Face. "Kiss your butt goodbye" isn't that far-fetched. heehee