The New Dirk’s Works

This is something of an experiment.  Because the message board software we have used for the last decade and more is no longer supported and is starting to break down, a change was required.  So, since I was updating the site anyway, I decided to recreate “Dirk’s Works” as a WordPress-powered blog.  It will work…

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Convention Talk

I see that Herbert Jefferson, Jr. has been added to the guest list for NY Wintercon at the end of November! So for those keeping track, that’s Dirk, Laurette, Noah and Herb. How exciting! 😃 00

New Website

To post or not to post. It’s the decision of the night. 00

Quotable #1

“Everyone’s life is full of scrapbooks. Everyone’s life is a painting with all the colors of the rainbow in it. We all have a story to tell with a beginning, a middle and eventually, an end. But the real story, the true through-line that is our life, is not comprised of factual data detailing how…

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Shiny new forum

And I’m going to post the first post on the brand new DBC forum (John’s an admin, so his post doesn’t count). Do I get an award of some kind? A medal? A pat on the back? A ride in the famous A-Team van? I don’t know yet, but I hope it’s worth the blood,…

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