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"Prescription:Murder" and "The A-Team"
"Prescription: Murder" and "The A-Team"

Dirk has just announced to this website that he has two projects in the works beginning with a cameo appearance in the new "The A-Team" film, which is currently shooting in Vancouver Canada. The film stars Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Jessica Biel. For cast list and information on this 2010 theatrical release visit the Internet Movie Database for details:

Dirk's original co-star Dwight Schultz has already confirmed a cameo as well.

Also, beginning in the Spring of '10,, Dirk will be starring in a three month run of the Broadway play "Prescription: Murder" for the Middleground Theatre Company in the UK. The play, written in 1962 starred Thomas Mitchell and Joseph Cotten and later became the "pilot" for the TV series "Columbo" starring Peter Falk.
Dirk will play "Columbo."

Go to for info on tour Theatre Company doing the tour, or visit the plays official website for play details.
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