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Default Re: What I "Celebrate" on Halloween

Oh wow. Yes, I was said to be an INFP. That's awesome that you knew this !!! I do derive my morals from within and I love being on this forum.

I can understand that. I also go through all the options mentally before I make a decision

My mom doesn't understand certain things either. She never understood my need for daydreaming and my love for writing FF or poetry for that matter. To her it's all a waste of time. I can also react strongly towards noises or lights. And a great singing voice can make me break out into goosebumps all over, run shivers down my spine or bring me to tears. When someone talks about an emotional experience they've went through, it is hard for me not to start crying myself. It can even be a fictional situation in a TV show or movie or something like that. I just can't help it. I can almost feel their pain myself. What happens to me a lot lately is that I can't go to sleep due to the tons of information whirling around in my head.

I was and will always be allergic to conflict. It makes me feel very uncomfortable

Yeah, you should. I'd like that! That sounds very interesting to me. Don't worry about getting too technical. I mean people who are interested already know this or can look stuff up. Right? So yeah, just go for it
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