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Default Re: What I "Celebrate" on Halloween

Thanks so much. And I agree. The hard times were merely stepping stones to reach a better stage. I don't mind talking about the experience I went through and I'm not ashamed of having had a burnout (many people do feel ashamed). The whole ordeal has made me a much more 'zen' kind of person so to speak.

Yes, I've done some research on the matter and my doctor did a personality type test and asked we lots of questions concerning the matter. I'm familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type index. We (my physician and I) think I'm more of an Fi/intovert type of person. What about you?

No need to apologize. I'm into this subject myself. And wow ... you did like a perfect description of me. I am a peaceful person and I hate conflict situations (even try to avoid them at all costs because they make me feel so very uncomfortable). I absolutely agree with you.
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