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Default Re: Face, Unrealistic Expectations, and Life (...that should just about cover it)

I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts. I also admire people who are comfortable with who they are, FG (you know I love you ). And I sympathize with you too WelshPoppy. Once upon a time I worried about what I said to people for fear of offending them/saying the wrong thing to a point where it made me unhappy and insecure ... I think (hope) I've learned my lesson.

Also it's true that the character of Face wasn't flawless (at all), but I especially loved how he pretended to have everything under control

The support on the forum is indeed wonderful! I made a couple of really good friends here (you know who you are ) and I couldn't be more grateful. As most of you said I also admire Mr. Benedict for being able to speak his mind and be 'himself'. And you're right WelshPoppy, he's a true gentleman (I would even dare to say he did a great job in teaching his son how to be one after meeting him in Liverpool).
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