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Default Re: Face, Unrealistic Expectations, and Life (...that should just about cover it)

Originally Posted by WelshPoppy30 View Post
I agree, life is messy and isn't an empty moulded plastic shell that depicts what are considered (who decides?...) desirable aesthetics and a pretend lifestyle, it may be fun to do but life is not a filtered photo on a social networking site, you can't get perfection because it doesn't exist.
Wrt aesthetics, we had a discussion a while back on my FB debate group about what makes a person attractive. Answers ranged from the obvious cultural ideals of beauty to purely emotional responses... To individual preferences for personality and shared interests. I guess it's all of the above. So you believe in love at first sight? If so, you probably believe these other measures are irrelevant.

Wrt social media... Yeah, totally agree. We all try to make ourselves look put-together online because hell, why not? These people don't know any better and if there are a lot issues in our real lives, it's nice to have this little place in the cyber world where we are our perfect selves. It's nice, but I've found honest conversation is actually better for your psyche.

Originally Posted by WelshPoppy30 View Post
I certainly am not going to deny that he was/is a very handsome man, and come on now, I can't believe that his amazing head of hair hasn't had it's own mention He is also a gentleman and has said that is what he has brought his sons up to be as well.
Don't we have a thread for the hair? We should!! I think there's a thread for the short-lived moustache, does that count? Lol

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