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Default Re: Face, Unrealistic Expectations, and Life (...that should just about cover it)

Originally Posted by WelshPoppy30 View Post
LD14 you have nothing to worry about I really enjoyed reading your post, and totally understand how it naturally went and concluded on the subject of perfection.
Yes many of us have been there and had our crushes. Had I been around at the time, "Face" and "Starbuck would have been on my list of crushes My word! how greedy does that make me sound?...a list I didn't have many really.
The only thing I have never understood is the hysteria that can surround "celebrities" where literally some fans want a piece of that person it's scary.

I agree, life is messy and isn't an empty moulded plastic shell that depicts what are considered (who decides?...) desirable aesthetics and a pretend lifestyle, it may be fun to do but life is not a filtered photo on a social networking site, you can't get perfection because it doesn't exist.

The "faceman" and "Starbuck" characters I also agree, I don't think they have ever been perfect, there is a vulnerability there when you watch them.
Both characters I think want something more or wished things were different but neither commit for fear of disappointment even though that does happen and was unavoidable at times, but when it can be avoided, they would rather live for the moment and make the best of the situation they are in, as do the people around them. Its also quite funny to watch when "Face" doesn't always manage to pull the wool over the eyes I don't know if anyone else thinks the same or I'm looking at it wrong I don't know? Besides the cigar smoking, you can see he brings his sense of humour through either way. It's so nice to know that he enjoyed playing both characters so much.
I certainly am not going to deny that he was/is a very handsome man, and come on now, I can't believe that his amazing head of hair hasn't had it's own mention He is also a gentleman and has said that is what he has brought his sons up to be as well.

BTW, I'm exactly the same, I always worry about what I say to people for fear of offending or getting things wrong, or I'm not saying what I mean properly (I'm doing it now actually as I type lol....oh well I have commited now I shall carry on!) my previous posts/replies are no exception. I also enjoy so much being part of this site and I feel posting has helped my confidence, I actually want to thank you all who have read and replied to me, it means so much and I apologise if I end up explaining myself even though I know you totally understand what I am saying, it's just the way I am, the way my mind works. It's taken years to build myself up again and I am also trying to accept who I am, and I am getting better at speaking my mind more and hope I do it respectfully whenever I share my thoughts.
That's one of the reasons I'm a fan of Mr Benedicts and gets my respect because I love his honesty, he speaks his mind, and he encourages people to be themselves.

Dont feel bad LD14 I think we can all be judgemental to an extent, we can only judge eachother by our actions, it's just when the wrong assumptions are made of a person and the life they live without even getting to know something about them initially, only then I feel minds can be made up, and decisions can be made on whether to continue being around that person/group of people.

At the end of the day, we're not perfect, we're unique and that's good enough, we shouldn't be ashamed of who we are, or what others think despite what is considered (again, who decides?...) ideal expectations from others who are afraid to be themselves
And I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. We definitely agree on a lot of these things.

A list of crushes is greedy? I hope not... When I was in the last year or two of high school, I made a photo collage of all the movie/TV characters I'd ever seriously crushed on throughout my life. Granted, there were only about eight total, most of the crushes were brief, and I had gotten over one before starting on another, but still... My sister also kindly informed me that I have a type, or in her words, "they all look the same." Fabulous. Actually, I think crushes and a whole lot of other topics are funny and just part of life as a human being. It's only awkward when other people try to act like it's not part of the human experience or like there's something wrong with you for feeling that way. People would probably deal with the social and relational struggles common unto man a lot better if relaxed, productive conversations were the norm instead of leaving things like romance and social anxiety (I know, I know, very different topics) to only be joked about or criticized.

You've also brought up what flyngirl said about Face and Starbuck being flawed, and I meant to mention that when I replied to her, but got a bit carried away and forgot. I think I should correct my earlier statement and say that Face was definitely flawed, but it was usually a more airbrushed kind of flawed. Half the time, he was doing his best to hide that he had any real problems whatsoever, so although he was a truly vulnerable character with a lot of relatable insecurities and fears (hey, that's a big part of why I liked him, because I could relate, and only over time have I realized just how much [insert cringe emoji here]), he never actually dealt with them in a meaningful, lasting way during the show. Which makes sense, considering only the last season was serious enough to approach this territory (and it did, but without resolution). And that's also why boatloads of fan fiction have been written about Face dealing with his insecurities... ad nauseam. Which I will admit to having taken part in as well to a hopefully relatively moderate degree... [another cringe emoji]

What else was I going to remark on? Oh yes, Face definitely doesn't always fool people, especially the rest of the team, but it's funny when his attempt either totally flops, or the person just goes along with him because they don't mind. And his hair is a given - did I not mention "Dirk Benedict's natural attractiveness" and "a great haircut"? Should probably also give credit to the colorist since the base hair color, amount of highlights, etc. changed enough throughout the show (and Dirk's career, see BSG) to make an observant observer suspect some slight skillful enhancement to his naturally good genetics at various times. See original post.

And I'm so glad you've found support on this forum! That's been the experience of several of us - I came here a couple years ago during perhaps the hardest time of my life and found a community with wonderful people, some of whom have become good friends. And I definitely also admire Mr. Benedict for being so comfortable with speaking his mind and letting other people think what they may. It's the complete opposite of someone like Face who would try to tell people what they want to hear to get on their good side, and like flyngirl pointed out, that doesn't lead to real relationships, because it's not the real you. There's definitely moderation, wisdom, and tact somewhere in the balance of openness - saying every single thing that pops into your head at any moment is not recommended for anyone, can I speak from a little experience here? - but most of us probably spend more time on the side of too cautious rather than too comfortable. Talking about our fandoms and everything related seems like a great way to help with that.
"The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspires otherwise ordinary men and women to extraordinary feats of ingenuity and creativity; nothing quite focuses the mind like dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution."
- Brian Greene
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