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Why not blog....thoughts of who we are

Posted 06-04-2008 at 01:16 PM by DonnaRedRockMom
I have not blogged in a very long time

...lets see where shall we begin

....Life...that is always a great place to start

...for me my life is often broken down into parts...parts that are known and parts that are not so well known

...there are the people that think they know me....there are those that know me as much as I allow them to know...then there are those that are really in the center of my personal world....they tend to be family but not all of the family....and not all are family

...I am often seen as being very much in the public eye...I have been a minister and a director of music education for years...both very public positions

...I have learned to create a glimpse into my world much like the fish aquariums I used to keep in my home...when you look in you see a wonderful picture complete with a great view...but in the aquarium the view was actually a back drop added to the back wall to give the illusion of a world the fish swam in

....for me the illusion is created in the front of the tank I swim in....it creates the picture I want others to see....as I think of this it seems to be saying I live a false life...but in truth it is not a false life it is just one that is protected from everyone knowing everything...I am not shy or quiet about my age or things going on in my life but to give complete access to everyone that wants to look in would be to give up a lot of who you are

.....recently I was challenged to think about the legacy I would leave on this earth

...in my 50 years I have been told I am way too open with others...way too willing to be involved with others...and I have been accused of living my faith way too openly

...well I guess that is my legacy....way too open and way too willing to share

...and yet there is the very private part of me that does not show to many...well my God knows me there and a few very close people also know me there...my husband of 30 years knows me there....my kids know me there...and a few others

....so why would I write this here...well I hope that any of you reading this will take a moment and think about who they are...who others think you are and what you want their legacy to be
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    I thought about this for a while. The legacy part is easy - my legacy is in my son and the kind of person I raised him to be. Hard-working without being overly ambitious, questioning without being cynical, slightly gullible only because he believes others are basically honest, appreciative of the simple things in life, and willing to offer a helping hand not because someone deserves it but simply because he can.

    Harder is deciding what others think I am - and I guess that doesn't really matter to me; all that really matters to me is that *I* know (finally) who I am, and I'm happy enough with that.
    Posted 06-04-2008 at 06:24 PM by ostarella ostarella is offline
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    Sorry to be misleading about the legacy...my legacy is my family and they way they choose to live....all 4 our followers of Christ and living a life that is all a mom could ever hope for...there is also the new life of a future grandchild due in January

    ...but my personal legacy of what & who I am and was..that is another thing...I can only hope that I leave the earth better than I found it when I arrived 50 years ago...thanks for your insights

    .....I too, do not get very caught up about what others think I am.... but I do very much care of how I am viewed as to how I treat and think of others...if that makes sense

    ...lets hear from more of you...what are your thoughts on this
    Posted 06-05-2008 at 09:46 AM by DonnaRedRockMom DonnaRedRockMom is offline
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