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The Macrobiotic Side of Mensturation Part One

Posted 12-03-2008 at 12:58 AM by shastastar
So the subject of menstruation came up in chat this weekend and since Kushi and all the other Macrobiotic males have such wonderful things to say on the state of menses when on a macrobiotic diet, I thought I would take some time and blog about some great information I have found to assists those of us on the female side of life as we go through our monthly cycles. Much to Dirk’s credit he does not tackle the subject of menstruation and macrobiotics in any of his writings that I have found ( I am sure if I am wrong I will be corrected).

Kushi states that when you eat macrobiotically and everything is in balance, there will be no cramps. Specifically in The Cancer Prevention Diet (p224) Kushi says that “ Cramps can be eliminated in two to three months on a balanced standard macrobiotic diet” yeah….. okay that is believable. Oh great, now I have to follow the diet, the macro lifestyle, and if I do happen to have cramps I am doing something wrong. First of all I think this is horse s&%t. But the macrobiotic diet has some elements that help us balance our cycle all month long.

Kushi goes futher and offers specific advice for eating for the menstrual cycle as follows (p 224 again)

“In order to have a smooth menstrual cycle, it is important for the woman to adjust her diet during the two halves of her month. During the first two weeks, between menstruation and ovulation, she should eat plenty of dark, leafy green vegetables along with whole grains and other more substantial foods to which she will be naturally attracted. During the last two weeks, between ovulation and menstruation, she will feel more comfortable if she reduces her intake of overcooked foods and avoids animal food altogether. Otherwise they will produce an increased craving for sweets, fruit, juices, salads, and lighter foods. To prevent this compulsion from arising, the woman can eat more lightly cooked vegetables at this time along with lighter seasonings and less salt. Special dishes, such as mochi, turnip or radish tops, or amasake, are very helpful and will reduce cravings for more extreme foods.”

And Kushi’s take for an irregular menstrual cycle is that it
“results if the diet is imbalanced too much in one direction or the other. For example if it totals less than twenty-eight days, this usually indicates an overly yang condition from eating excessive animal and over energizing foods. A cycle longer than average, up to thirty-two or thirty-five days, shows that a woman may well be consuming too many foods in the yin category such as sweets, fruits and dairy food. Both conditions can be corrected by eating a more central diet of grains and vegetables”

And as to the cause of menstrual cramps “ are usually caused by an excessive intake of animal products, especially meat, fish, eggs, and dairy food in combination with too many expansive foods such as sugar, soft drinks, refined flour, and chemically processed foods. “

So that is his take. Notice he doesn’t really take on the concept of PMS, nor any present tense way of coping / easing cramps. So if you are in the throws of menstruation just balance yourself better next month. While this may provide a long term treatment, it does not address short term treatment, nor does it address the science behind the macrobiotic causatives. I am not picking on Kushi, but there are no specific food recommendations to eat our way out of our cramps. Personally I look at macrobiotics as my path to eat my way out of my issues and when I have cramps menstruation is my issue. I want to be able to eat my way out of the cramps and have some easing from my diet.

Jessica Porter in the Hip Chick’s guide to Macrobiotics on pages 265-266 describes menstruation in terms of yin and yang as follows

”during the time between menstruation and ovulation, the uterus is repairing its lining or endometrium. The body is concentrating it’s energy toward this effort and toward the follicle maturing in the ovary. This phase is more yang”

Which would mean balancing this phase with more yin aspects of macrobiotics. This is in agreement with Kushi’s statements just more specific on the bodies activities during this first half. Ms Porter continues toward the yin phase as

“during ovulation when the egg is released, extreme yang becomes extreme yin” It is interesting that she would put it this way as theorem eleven of the Twelve Theorems of the Unifying Principle puts it “ At the extremes yin produces yang and yang produces yin” So Ms Porter is identifying this theorem into her relation of the menstrual cycle.

She continues “If the ovum is not fertilized, the body becomes more yin, prepares to shed the endometrium , and phase two concludes with the hormonal signal to release” so then we would balance the yin with the more yang food in macrobiotics. And you would crave the more yin foods ( chocolate, sugar, alcohol ) as your body is in the time of greatest expansion.

So if you eat foods that correspond to your cravings you are actually making your issues worse in this respect.

Her issue then to reduce PMS is to go easier on yang foods as follows

“Reduce or eliminate fish or any other animal food.
Reduce salt intake go easy on seasonings, pickles, and condiments
Reduce or eliminate all bread and baked flour products
Avoid White sugar. But go for sweets like rice syrup, barely malt, or even maple syrup
Emphasize leafy greens and lighter cooking styles
Feel free to reduce whole grains, emphasizing vegetables and grain products.
Go for lighter grain dishes like bulghur wheat, couscous, and noodles
Have some fruit
If you’re in good health relax with a soy chocolate ice cream sundae
If you are in good health and not a recovering alcoholic have a beer or some sake”

Her main advice is to stay yin and eat good quality macrobiotic food “can make your period a comfortable, even joyous expression of your alignment with nature. For lessening cramps see Daikon Drink “
As follows

½ cup grated to a pulp daikon
½ cup spring water
1-2 drops shoyu

Prepare as follows Bring daikon and water to a boil, add shoyu. Let simmer a couple of minustes. Drink / eat when the temperature is right for you.

I think this might actually help though I have no personal experience with this beverage. Dirk mentions daikon in Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy as replacing his craving for coffee that first night he was in New Hampshire. Daikon does provide that yin satisfaction without going to the extreme or coffee, chocolate, or even the other things that Ms Porter recommends in Hip Chicks.

So where does this leave the non macrobiotic eaters among us? When I first agreed to write this blog in chat I had an intention of maybe spilling a few quotes from Kushi, a few quotes from Hip chicks, laughing about how men think and discuss menstruation and then moving on to some other facts I had discovered recently about the mechanism of menstrual cramps. I didn’t want to exclude the group of us that are not eating macrobiotically, and I wanted to offer some wisdom that I have found recently, and instead this blog broke down into a macrobiotic perspective on menstruation and cramps. While this is great knowledge, I wanted to stop here and put the science of cramps in a different blog with this as background and as helpful advice to all of us macros.

I have to say that I don’t appreciate the macrobiotic perspective on menstruation so much. I feel like that if I do have cramps it has become my fault because I am not eating well. Macrobiotics eliminates so much of the western diet, that I feel I am eating very well, and just when I think I am doing well and not cheating, the cramp police come around and tell me I need to do better, or that I shouldn’t have cramps at all if my diet is really balanced. I think it is definitely possible to eat well, be macrobiotic and still have cramps. Stress and genetics, along with diet play a role in menstrual cramps. Do I think macrobiotics can reduce the severity of cramping and PMS symptoms? Definitely. Do I think it is a cure all for all women NO!!!

A big resounding NO there.

Tracy made the comment that she would like to put a number of women that had eaten macrobiotically for a long time in a room and have them discuss Kushi’s comments on this issue. I agree and I think that they should write a book on menstruating macrobiotically. I think it is a shame that women ( with the exception of Jessica Porter) don’t seem to get more into writing the philosophical side of macrobiotics and seem to confine themselves to the recipe side.

Dirk is correct, maybe because men “are stuck with their wordly dreams to build a bridge, write a book, start a fishing business in Alaska, pave a highway. They need their dreams of these little accomplishments. It is all God has allowed them” they write the books on macrobiotics. While women create children , create family and our “ health and position in the world is essential for the future of mankind” (p 151) we sisters of the grain that live macrobiotically need to take the time to scribe the experiences of our health for benefit of our fellow cowgirls and for the benefit of the universe. Mensturation is a key component of procreation and macrobiotics is essential for better quality blood, the blood of our lives and the blood of our children.

Yours in Hope Faith Peace Love and Whole Grain

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  • Old Comment
    Thanks for this blog. LOL - not sure Dirk will appreciate it!

    I've not written my reply to Food/Emotion blog yet, I'll try to do so later today - I was going to discuss how food stimulates insulin production which stimulates other homone production, which for many women, influences emotion. But I'll say more about that there.

    Re: periods
    When I first started full-time working after leaving school I worked in a lab and we had a free vending machine for hot drinks (a compromise for staff unable to have kettles in the offices because they were in labs!). The vending machine tea was awful, so I switched to drinking coffee. That would be 1 cup before starting work, 1 at mid morning break, 2 and lunchtime, 1 at mid afternoon break, and if working late, another one. Every day, day in, day out. The coffee soon mounted up.

    I started having to have 2 days off work every month with horrible period pains. I was used to having half a day feeling urrgh but being able to work, but never having significant time off. My 'moods' weren't great before my periods either!

    Fortunately for me, a female colleague suggested I try to avoid caffeine to improve my period pain. I was desperate, and willing to try it. I switched to hot chocolate (I know lots of sugar!) and experimented on myself (my first experiment!). There was a very slightly improvement next month, much more the month after and after 3 months the pain and excessive moodiness had gone! Wow, it was such a relief! I switched over to decaf coffee to cut down on my hot choc!

    For me, if I have more than 2 cups of coffee a month, I get bad period cramps, the length of the cramps proportional to how much coffee I've had. Tea doesn't seem to cause the same problem - I'm guessing because the cafeine is leached from the tea herb so I consume less, as opposed to drinking (ie ingesting) the roasted coffee bean.

    I believe Kushi is right when he says that food can cause cramps - because I've got my own personal evidence.

    The point is that everyone is different, and we need to find out what foods cause our cramps, then we can 'treat' ourselves.
    Posted 12-03-2008 at 02:59 AM by deebeelicious deebeelicious is offline
  • Old Comment
    PS Read an interesting artcle the other day which said that in olden days (still often in developing world), women were often either pregnant or breast feeding a lot of the time, and so the actual number of periods they had was far less than we now have.

    The article suggested that some of women's moderning illnesses might be related to having so many periods. I think that was a supposition too far for me, show me the evidence. Pregnancies and breast feeding also take their toll on women's bodies too, and possible more so than periods.

    Also, I recall discussions with a lovely Irish woman who had been at her Aunty's 50th anniversary of becoming a nun (sorry I don't know what the offical word for that is) recently. Her Aunt was the youngster in that convent home as so many nuns and monks/priests live very long lives because they don't eat/drink extreme foods or have 'extreme' lifestyles. Clearly nuns are likely to have many more periods than the average women, having less children! So I don't think there is clear evidence about having lots of periods can cause illness.

    Thought I'd add that idea to the soup though!
    Posted 12-03-2008 at 03:11 AM by deebeelicious deebeelicious is offline
  • Old Comment
    Thanks DB... yes I believe what you eat influences your cycle, I just don't think you can completely eliminate your cramps LOL....

    My first trek down this road was eliminating wheat. Apparently because of the GM consistency of most wheat in america, it acts as a pro estrogen (UK I think oestrogen) former, that is provides more estrogen in your system thus more cramps / pms / longer periods. I eliminated wheat and coincidentally coffee at the same time LOL and saw 50% improvement month over month, then I went Macro still with no wheat and another 30% improvement so I am in 80% less pain now than I was 6 months ago which is great. I just don't think for all women in all situations you will see complete improvemnet to NO CRAMPS... that's all but do I think it helps definitely and stay tuned because it gets better ( in terms of the science and the food suggestions in part two)

    As to the second part.....let me tell you as someone who has spent over the last 10 years 28 months pregnant, and 58 months nursing 3 kids ( during which time even with 100% nursing I STILL had my period with all 3 kids it showed up six weeks postpartum**I am soooo lucky and blessed Lucia LOL praise God for this wonderful blessing of womanhood**) that is 7 years and 2 months pregnant or nursing of the last 10 years of my life...... that is also hard on your body....especially nursing when you have cramps and apparently there are a number of women ( my doctor included) who despite fully nursing a child with no formula return to menstruation almost right away. I don't think that mensturation or excessive menstruation because we are not always pregnant or nursing causes disease in iteself. I think a lot of it IS the food we eat or the food we DON'T
    eat, but having said that I think it is ridiculous to assume that if you are eating 100% the way you should be that cramps can be ELIMINATED not reduced or made better ( which I do believe) but ELIMINATED as Dr Kushi states.

    Love you Deebee and thanks for reading great adds BTW I want to hear from everyone on this!!!!

    Posted 12-03-2008 at 07:05 AM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    Well, first, I'm only thankful I'm way past that period of my life (pun intended ). But frankly, I don't think a change in diet will get rid of cramps; any improvement may actually be due to other factors as much as diet. I believe that because cramps are, in essence, labor pains - the body expelling the "baby" only the baby isn't there - just the preparations for it. If diet can increase blood flow to that part of the body, then the cramps will lessen. While I was on the Pill, my cramps lessened but didn't disappear, so finding foods that simulate those chemicals may help - but they may not. There were months (on the Pill) when the cramps were just as extreme as before. And yes - they were extreme - every month meant at least two days curled up in bed, with hot packs and pillows and too much pain to even eat. I was soooooo happy when I went into menopause! I really should've had more kids - all those years of agony and I only got one in exchange! (Just kidding! )
    Posted 12-03-2008 at 07:41 AM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment

    stay tuned for the next bit. Chemically our food provides the building blocks of everything that happens in our body along with our air and our liquid and whatever we absorb through our skin. So I think yes diet definitely influences cramps. I will be relating at length specifics in part II which will go up in the next few days. Along with food there are also stress / exercise / genetics that play a role.

    Take Care
    Posted 12-03-2008 at 01:59 PM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    I agree, the link between diet and cramps is undeniable, but also hot flashes and all other menopauze related complaints are IMHO very related to food (yes, I'm in that stage now ....). Maybe Ostarella has similar experiences.

    As I'm convinced that certain foods will induce these complaints (and cramps as well) and others will reduce them, it may very much depend upon the person in question. I know a few women who have never been bothered by cramps much at all, and they are living on a very western, non-MB diet. Others on very strict organic and vegetarian diets still spend two days a month in bed, unable to function at all. I myself found quite some relief when I stopped eating meat and replaced it by eating a lot of tofu. I quit drinking coffee for a time, but that didn't have any effect on me - except increasing my migraine attacks. So I'm back to drinking 4 to 5 cups a day again - no migraine anymore! Just to show how different everyone may react.

    What I mean to say is that I don't believe anyone can say in general that if you eat certain foods you will not have cramps or hot flashes or the like. Eliminate as Kushi said: I don't think so, that is a typical male way of dealing with an undoubtedly incomprehensible problem (for them) - a simple fix. I do believe certain foods will make your complaints worse. However, it also very much depends on if and how your body reacts to different kinds of food.

    Looking forward to part 2, Shastastar!
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 02:39 AM by asmay asmay is offline
  • Old Comment
    Asmay- I think you have just given me part 3 Macrobiotic Menopause.....Just as important as we cycle through. I think I have some great stuff on this as well!!! Especially with diet..... stay tuned
    Peace and Much Love
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 07:23 AM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    Asmay made a good point - some women, regardless of diet, have no problem with cramps, others do. And exercise has a impact on them as well - again, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the individual. I think genetics has more to do with it than anything - every female in my family had terrible cramps. And, as has been pointed out, stress, exercise - there are many other factors that affect them as well.

    I think we have to accept that this is a natural process, not an illness. MB can help with a lot of things that are brought on by an improper diet, but should we expect it to change nature? Or should we be looking to the non-diet area of MB in dealing with cramps?
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 08:31 AM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    My understanding of MB though is that it can make a lot of natural process very different and more positive including aging, pregnancy, menopause, as well as menstruation. I know it is a natural process, I think that there are things specifically in the macrobiotic diet that are useful here. I also think that there are aspects of the macrobiotic lifestyle that are helpful. I think it is useful to discuss all things that are helpful / useful, my main point was that it is unfair to assume that cramps will be eliminated for everyone and on that I think we can all agree. Beyond that what is useful / helpful may be subject to the individual, and I think it is great to discuss anything that has been helpful ( diet, exercise, herbs, weight loss, acupuncture, yoga, mediation etc). I was not searching for a "healing " from menstruation as you are right star it is not a disease. But perhaps it is a natural condition that can be better "managed". In the same vein that some women "manage" labor with drugs and some people "manage" it with breathing / bradley / meditation. It's a natural process either way, same with menstruation. You can "manage" mensturation / menopause better perhaps with diet exercise breathing meditation etc what you have been blessed with genetically. And I'm not just talking about cramps there are also mood swings, bloating, headaches irratability and almost all women will have one or more symptoms. If women are looking for a way to "manage" one or more of these symptoms then macrobiotics may be a feasible alternative to a lot of pain meds. That's all I am trying to bring to the forefront. I know that it's much easier to pop some advil (brand name ibuprofen in the states) but personally I don't want a ton of advil on my kidneys anymore LOL. But seriously there has been some amazing research done on the biochemical "cramp pathway" so to speak and there are some dietary suggestions that whether you are macro or not may help. I will get to it...and it looks like probably it will happen tomorrow. So stay tuned

    Posted 12-05-2008 at 09:29 AM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    I'm probably jumping the gun a bit, huh? I agree, MB can help with dealing with the whole cycle, not just the cramps. I got hung up on the "eliminating them" "Managing" is a much better way of putting it - and focusing more on the MB lifestyle (with diet as a part of that) would make me, at least, more comfortable. That "balance" thing again - not forgetting that MB *is* a lifestyle and not just a diet.
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 09:42 AM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    Re: exercise to help with cramps
    You reminded me of a freebie class I attended when I went to a Yoga Expo recently. The female teacher explained how some people had cured their infertility and post-natal problems through yoga. It was a v brief class and began with some gentle (almost like pilates) movements to improve the circulation around the abdomen/pelvic areas, then some pelvic floor type exercises.

    The teacher spoke about chakras too, but I've kinda forgotten it! I was a bit of a cynic. Fortunately I've not had major problems down there, but I can imagine for many (desperate?) couples, they'll try anything. I'm sure for some, if there are blood and lymph circulation problems, then these exercises would help. Likewise, the womb is a muscle, so exercising it too would be of benefit. I could definitely see there could be benefit for women postnatally as the womb can sometimes move out of place, and so exercise could help pop it back (so to speak).

    So, to sum up, yeah, I'm sure there are many yoga exercises that can help with menstral cramps.

    In fact, I did buy a book from the woman which had some exercises in it. I'll try to find it and see if I can scan or describe the exercises. There are a couple of the MB exercises in SS's album which are apparently good, I've mentioned that in comments underneath the scans.
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 12:10 PM by deebeelicious deebeelicious is offline
  • Old Comment
    I think exercises can definitely help - I've heard how female athletes (not just "weekend warriors" ) actually stop menstruating completely. I know there was some concern about that, but I didn't really follow it. But at any rate, it's something that needs to be included in any "Regimen for Relief"
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 12:19 PM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    Amenorrhoea, where a woman loses the ability to menstruate is usually associated with heavy exercise, eating disorders, early onset menopause, or of course pregnancy. For the woman that exercises heavily, it is usually a sign that there is not enough available energy ( that she is not eating enough). A good basic description is found here


    Amenorrhoea in macrobiotics is stated (to paraphrase this time) as being a natural occurence during strict macrobiotic healing diets in some women. This is thought to be due to the body not having enough energy while it is trying to repair organs / tumors / other conditions of ill health to be able to function toward reproduction which is what the menstrual cycle is geared toward. In macrobiotics it is suggested that this condition should only last a few months and then return to normal.

    Amenorrhoea is also not considered good for the bones and can cause early onset osteoporosis. I would not consider amenorrhoea as a way to manage menstruation in any way shape or form. Unless of course you want to have an unlimited number of children, as pregnancy seems to be the only cause of amenorrhoea that does not cause bone health issues

    I do find it interesting however that according to the wikipedia article it was not related to a hormonal shut down or body fat, but rather a lack of available calories in the diet again, linking a menstruation problem (again) to diet.
    Cheers and Happy Reading

    Posted 12-05-2008 at 06:21 PM by shastastar shastastar is offline
    Updated 12-05-2008 at 06:23 PM by shastastar
  • Old Comment
    Dee Bee-

    I am thinking that I will cover menstrual management with exercise (macrobiotic and non macrobiotic exercise) after I cover menstrual management with diet. There is a lot to this topic and a lot more than you can cover / get to in one week. This is great because I think we are creating an awesome resource all of us together !!!

    Peace and Much Love

    Posted 12-05-2008 at 06:26 PM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    I would not consider amenorrhoea as a way to manage menstruation in any way shape or form.

    Oh no! I don't want anyone to think that's a good idea or that I was advocating excessive exercise to stop menstruating. It was more to point out that exercise does influence it, and sometimes to an extreme.

    Even though it's past for me - you're doing a great thing by getting all this information and discussion out here for those young enough to go through the agony - ha! Age does have it's good points
    Posted 12-05-2008 at 06:33 PM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    Okay, this is the second attempt to post...those darn gremlins !

    Thanks Shasta for including those of us who are not eating macrobiotically.

    I too don't think much of the macro perspective on menstruation. 'It' makes me feel that I'm doing horribly wrong with my eating habits. Which I've been 'beating' myself up for not being more macro. When in fact I've been doing much better watching what I eat ! Okay, I still eat cheese ( but not as much )...that's actually my biggest vice along with pastries ( but I'm also doing much better with not eating them...the pastries...can't let go of the cheese alltogether ). I'm not much of a meat eater ( fish and turkey ) and I don't eat anything deep fried. I like brown and also white rice but have to watch how much I eat of either one...seems to put the pounds back on...fast. Love vegies.

    I feel too that stress and genetics have alot to do with it !! At least the, now 5, females ( me, my sister and 3 nieces ) all have severe cramps during our menstruation ( as did our mother...who now is blissfully past that stage ). And yes, they've said that when they are the most severe...they attribute some of it to the stress that they're under at that time ( lots of stress now ). Yes, I feel the foods you eat also play a part in the whole scheme of things. Macro will help lessen the severity and maybe even length of cycle but I don't feel it will for all women and not to the point of having no cramp or PMS at all ! All women are different. Some things may help some women but when another group of women try the same thing it doesn't help them. Okay, now I'm babbling...

    That's just my little tidbit...

    Okay, before the gremlins attack again I'm going to end this post....
    Posted 12-07-2008 at 11:22 AM by Christy Christy is offline
  • Old Comment

    It's important I think whatever path you choose to be aware that there are other paths out there. All we can do is share our common experiences in a positive manner toward the greater good. It sounds like you are making real strides so good for you. It's also good to know that I am not the only one that was made to feel horribly wrong by those comments about eliminating cramps through macrobiotics. A lot of the literature in macrobiotics is kind of like that, even Aveline Kushi wife of the godfather of american macrobiotics as she was dying of cancer stated ( I'm paraphrasing here from memory here) that it was her fault (she had cancer) and that she should have followed the diet better and made more time for that, and that she could have prevented it if she had a more strict adherence.

    My mother in law as many of you know is dying of cancer right now, and chain smoking like a chimney. The last thing I am going to do is berate her with macrobiotics, or with anti-smoking propoganda. She is at a point where I strongly believe she has crossed a threshold and the last thing she needs is to be condemed either by herself or by those that love her. I just do what I need to do for her, tell my kids to love her up during our visits and like I told her, either she is healed in this life or the next. That is all the help I can give her right now. She is looking at maybe 2-3 months at best.

    I'm beginning to doubt if I even should have written any of this blog now. Just mentioning Kushi's perspective on eliminating menstrual cramps through diet is probably not helpful, and only contributes to furthering negative opinions of ourselves and our mensturation. Even trying to debunk it and provide some positive dietary / supplement / exercise options is maybe not helpful.

    Maybe the reason that no one really takes the time to delve into all of this is because it is deeply personal and there are sooo many negative connotations with mensturation in western culture. Anyone know someone who refers to menstruation as "The Curse"?

    I don't think that you are babbling at all, to expect women to cope with menstruation as if it is merely an inconvenience and our cramps as a reflection of our improper diet and lifestyle is ridiculous. We are in fact women, not men capable of completely different aspects of life then men are. Complimentary but not exactly the same. No two reflections of the creator are the same either so no two energies will react the same way to the same force.

    Does anyone even address the fact that cramps / menstruation prepare our uterus for childbirth? Dirk does address in his first book how women are made for childbirth.

    I'm not in the best most positive mood / frame of mind at this point and feel like I am going on a rant here so I am going to stop and bring it back to the postive.

    We should not be condeming eachothers diet / lifestyle choices. We should not be in competition to see who can eat best, run the farthest/ fastest, have the cleanest most wonderfully decorated martha stewart house, and be the skinniest yet we are.

    We should be the best that we as individuals can be in a balanced healthy way.

    Peace Love Faith Hope and severly in need of another run today to get the rest of this funk out of my system

    Posted 12-07-2008 at 12:02 PM by shastastar shastastar is offline
  • Old Comment
    I don't think you were wrong to start this series of blogs at all! I think it's high time it was discussed out in the open instead of treating it like it was, indeed, some kind of curse, or something that shouldn't be talked about "in polite company". It's part of who we, as females, are. A very important part of what we are - the race would die out without it, after all.

    The Curse - oh yes. And so terribly hard to change that attitude, when it's been treated as such almost since the beginning of civilization. Even the Bible has been translated to tell women God cursed us with painful childbirth (Gen 3:16). An interesting discussion of that, btw, is here:


    So it's not surprising that not only do women have an unhealthy attitude about that, but that many would subscribe to the idea that we can eliminate the problems associated with it - and then take the fault when it can't be accomplished. How often have you heard (from men *and* women) snide jokes about PMS? As if it's a character flaw!

    I can't help but wonder if MB has been too influenced by Kushi and his thoughts/beliefs. That too many people have seen him as the High Priest and forget that he's as open to error as anybody. No disrespect to the man intended, because from all that I've read about him, he's a very intelligent and thoughtful person. But he is a *man* and his perspective had to come from that. It's inevitable. I can definitely see his female "followers" accepting his attitude on cramps (and other female "ailments") as being proper and correct. Which only points out, whether MB or not, why we all have to find our own path and realize that all the books and pamphlets and lectures can - and should - only act as guides, not gospel.
    Posted 12-07-2008 at 12:43 PM by ostarella ostarella is offline
  • Old Comment
    Hugs Shasta !!

    I think it's great that we can share our experiences freely here without being judged and get helpful advice.

    Please don't think that the blog was a mistake !! It is very helpful and I will be trying the suggestions posted. I'll be giddy for any relief from the cramps and the PMS !!

    Macro seems soo far out there for me to grasp..it's soo involved, seems soo complicated that it overwhelms me. That's just me..just how I feel. So I'm doing what I'm comfortable with...for me.

    I'm soo sorry about your mother-in-law ! And I commend you for just loving her and not berating or condeming her. You're all in my thoughts and prayers !

    I've heard it referred to / called "The Curse".

    Again, please don't think / feel that this blog was a bad idea.

    No funk...maybe gremlins..

    Love & Hugs,
    Posted 12-07-2008 at 12:48 PM by Christy Christy is offline
  • Old Comment

    I commend you for writing this. This is part of who we are as women and it's part of our natural life.
    I too think it's great that we share our experiences here freely without being judged.
    I also am sorry about your mother-in-law and it's wonderful that you loved her for who she was without berating or condeming her.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers and your family.

    Posted 12-07-2008 at 01:21 PM by bibbi bibbi is offline
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