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Poor Martha

Posted 10-02-2008 at 01:01 PM by Nacky
The spiel of the creative world of sewing has encountered a snag! I was asking around for the pattern for something I'm trying to make and someone is kind enough to post me a link to a Martha Stewart step-by-step page.

Okay so, I copy it off. A couple of days pass and many other topics go on and life goes on as normal as it can...and bam. Well crap. Someone decides to use MY post (where I simply asked a question for a pattern) and flames the hell out of Martha Stewart for being in jail and then accuses ME of trying to get her name back in the spotlight.

I hate it when people skim over things, build an automatic assumption on what they see and interpret and come off with some hysterical posts and utter stupidity. Why is it that some people refuse to check things IN WHOLE and try to, um, actually READ a thing all the way through before jumping on some idiot soapbox? I never defended Martha Stewart or said anything about her. I was looking for a freakin' pattern. Oh yeah, now I'm the devil. Don't you just love it when some nutter goes off and starts with accusations and trails off into an even nuttier proclaimation that contradicts their first accusations? I tell ya, I must type in a way that some people refuse to read all the way through. I still don't get how my comments about Martha's ability to put anything together on any given sewing machine was a defence to her dealings with Wall Street. Oh well.

Okay now onto Poor Martha...well, I can't really say that I kept up with the trial back when it was happening and I did see some news reports on it. However, I suppose those things she's been accused of is a matter of record. That doesn't mean that I should jump on the bandwagon and begin a campaign of the Great Search for Truth when, in fact, Martha Stewart has little to no influence on my life. If she did, I suppose I'd be right on top of things and ready to speak at the drop of a hat. That's the thing right there...why is it that people who come in the middle of something just decide to be the center of attention or the one who holds all the cards? I came into the middle of the situation but never once tried to stand up as some great white god of ultimate truth and justice. Let alone began a campaign for it! Had Martha done something so terrible to me, I might have injected my experience but that would be the extent of it. I still wouldn't be so presumutious as to claim I know everything about her but I can recoil at the gruesomeness, (that is the gruesomeness of others who want the drama and loves the fact that someone got some horrible thing done to them or whatever) and then compared alongside it for no other reason than to stir up my feelings of rage at being dragged.

Martha is still on TV today and she doesn't come off as this horrible, yells-at-her-staff, kind of monster. She could very well be all those things but I'm not about to get involved. Well, Martha et al have no real effects to my life. So why should I say a thing to the person flaming her (and me for asking)? I guess I just needed to vent it out. I'm not about to get into it with crazy people. Oy!

BTW, I like Martha Stewart. She might be a hard-nosed business woman and runs a tight ship but hey, she's got some good patterns. It's a good thing.
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    I like Martha, but as you say, she doesn't affect my daily life either...i do, however, enjoy some of her shows, especially her holiday shows....anyway...to each their own, I say..if you like her, good...if not, that's ok, too!
    Posted 10-02-2008 at 01:32 PM by Sharon Sharon is offline
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    Good for you! And you are right, who are we to judge?
    Anyway, I hope the pattern worked out all right ..
    Posted 10-14-2008 at 01:51 AM by asmay asmay is offline
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