View Full Version : Hi new here and i LOVE Dirk

01-13-2007, 05:13 PM
Just wanted to say hi folks. I have always quite likee Dirk, but I have to say that after seeing him on CBB, I LOVE him! What a sweet, kind and funny man! And I think it is so cute and funny how he is hankering after lovely Shilpa!

What a guy! And handsome too!

01-13-2007, 06:38 PM
Hiya, I'm also new and have watched celebrity big brother a few times since it started a week or so ago. I thought Dirk was very handsome, especially considering his age, and could remember enjoying watching Battlestar Galactica and the A Team when I was a child, but that was it. It was only when I mentioned to my mother today that I found this 61 year old man very attractive that she then decided to tell me of my fascination (I think she means obsession) with him when I was younger. Apparently I was going to marry Dirk, he was my joint first choice of husband. My mother then told me that my mind was completely made up that Dirk would be my husband when I finally got over Wham! breaking up and realised that George Michael was gay, she states I was the last person in the world to know this. Which made Dirk my only first choice. I think Gary Linekar may have moved to second place, thinking back.....